Thursday, May 14, 2020

may 15 2020
 PERTAINS TO A GREEAt number of situations.... not nessarily all technical.
  from my trying to boil water in my super special pot----  to last night picking up teh remote and hitting some key... i know not which.. and having my smart tv  put up 4 little squares on the screen  and my favorite  word "password?" with a series of  "no,not that one"  --  after a miserable 4 minutes i remember    unplug the #$%^& thing.    and it came up smiling.
which... looking at  that concepts  from  other "applications"  cut off the source of support ( electricity) causes it to "rethink' from whence cometh it's basic
 energy..  the idea of predictiong the next months weather in fairbanks alaska may be possible by pushing  some special button, but  when you onluy wanted the neighborhood news- teh path back to teh simple  tv can be torturous unless you just cut the  cord.
the lack of a bulldozer is really upsetting me in general...   that mucky green puddle is not good.   the donkeys have the sense to stay away from it...  but no way can i allow teh dogs near it.   we need treh real estate that  is being held up by that puddle.-- it is 100 % possible to barricade the donk's and e;lvis in the  donk cafe area... food water  plus  a roof if they would like  but don't need..  would be all set til  next november. 
real esgtate is our best asset at the moment... people are coming to volunteer and still stay  20 feet from anyone else...   there are piles of sticks and dozens of that  cute little weed which in a week will dwarf a small car... and then grow burrs--  a knife will work.... but ...   i wangted to buy a special shovel from hammerschlemmer  but had to quit because anything i buy on line now gets charged to janice ... who wrote my book.  i just have nothad time to deal... because we must email a report to annenberg today....   that gets priority over alot.
here is a typical sdp problem

we have wireless phones-- the 0666  land line is wireless -- 5 years ago  teh wireless part went only as far as teh guest house-- so  as they got better,  i bought another"set"  4 phones and a base unit...and carefuol labeled them with ssome 2yellow ?paint. because they did nto fit the old recharger... and that worked til a few wandered off and costco advertised a long range phone-- would reach to the barn-- so i was free to wander the property and still get hte  phone...   and i labeled them with an orange spludge so we could recharge in the right receptical... -- now we are have 14 ( minus 1 the dogs ate.) so any tine , day or night , faintly in the disatance  you will hear  a "low battery"   being repeated over and over ---   
i am sure you relaize the people who design these things don't want you to loose track continues to tell you about  it's battery level  so there is not an "off" button... meaning you need to figure out is that splotch yelloow, or orange.. and just where are the rechargers for  "orange" .
so  i   need my  glasses  which are across teh rooom, under the back seat of my car  or  especially at 2am  under my bed..... plus a flashlight..   which is..........
all this and we now have a huricane coming?