Sunday, May 17, 2020

may 17 2020
now for a very indelicate problem......  tigger, who has sired many lovely puppies, for whatever reason is only vaguely interested in the fact that to all observers MAY appears to be in a strong heat---being day 9 meg and i began to panic, with no tie with tigger.... so   after asking bentley for his opinion ----which he was capal=ble of giving ( opinion only .... he is no spring chicken  and not underweight   )  AND SINCE SIT RICHARD WAS here  we asked him what he thought of may... and to put it mildly, he was thrilled  and managed a 36 minute "tie" 
however..... sir richard is the one who was bred to  the last female who had no pups... so there is a valid question ... does he have sperm at all?   that ws friday
 so saturday we again asked tigger.. who was less than interested...  we had just put him back inb his kenne when up the drivway cwm stitch... a tigger son... who has not been neutered.. it certainly looked to me like our "goldie" ( the ghost of the lefthand drawer)  was making a suggestion.. so we  introduced stitch to may.. 
he is  not quite a year old.. and already lifting his leg ( the old wives tale that they are reqady toi breed)   he was thrilled at the project and tried  to help us out with our dilemma ....he was happy to start the project, but lacked teh concentration to  finish what he was so willing to stqrt.

where we go from here?  we may as well keep trying with tigger  just in case sir richard is just no capable of anything but the act itself.-- but if tigger doesnt, and stitch can't get organized.... we may as well  have sir richard  refil the container.. 

in the process i lamented the fact that  we did not have a simple microscope to see if sir richard  had swimmers.. several people asked about buying us a microscope  and one perdson  i think actually did ... which will be helpful in th e future. but not helo us we=here we now sit.

such problems as we now have.
on top of a few others... 
i have redone q schedule for the next 2 weeks--   23 dogs, --- go ahead you try
a few things to consider....
dogs need attantion 12 hours a day 7 to 7  7 days a week 
dogs need training 2 half hour sessions a day  5 days a week
dogs need 2 half hour running /playing a day 7 days a week. 
people work a 40 hour week
3 people who work here bring 3 dogs each
2 people bring 1  dog each.. 
 we have 32 kennel "slots" 
1 slot with grace's baby chicks.
 staff  must stay10 cov  distance
minimum number of people in any one building
2 people needed at 7am to pick and cookie
 one needed  at 7pm to give bedtime  check/ cookies
one person at mail call  5pm 
with some consideration given to the possible exposures   to dog and human illnesses in their "off hours." 
and with picking  a skeleton  COV  crew, and everyone working hard, having all cheerful people is a huge plus.
we do have a collection of volunteers who are basically /raking   the dog   runs which are abotu 1/4 acre each
and teh flower bunch... our "plantings"   have never looked better.. there is plent y of room to stay away frome each otheere..
this is an AWAY to go to for several volunteers stuck in an appartment  with or without family.
the bulldozer guy has promised the tuesday after memorial day.

so there you have it