Tuesday, May 19, 2020

may 19 2020
i got an email about how lovely elvis was and how her llife was changed since  she got him.. i had a real  problem as she went on to describe traveling by air with him...   all the time i am thinking  "one of us is nuts"  -- it wqs quite a few minuites before i remember we donated a dog named elvis who is doing a fantastic job getting fiona over impossible terrain --  
age does that ... to me at least. it is the doubt.  did  i ?   where is?   was that? or more specifically , how can i sit in my ( warm) car and loose my phone?  or the paperwork i was working on???  there are just so many places in the front seat of a car...which already contains a bag of horse food,  a case of canned dog food ( for training) 10 calendars and my monkey making  pouch...

so i decided to clean it  up....  by first emptying that cavern between the seats...
it was so bad i made a list
 the car jumper thing was there
 but so was an  inverter??  which is a wonderful thing that turns your car into a generator inexpensively...
 which with an extension cord, for a long time was my source of electricity when the power failed..
. i couyld run one thing at a time ... lights.. tv.. refrigerator   it would make the furnqace run...or charge bqatteries..
as i dug deeper 4 pairs of scissors?  11 pens, a poncho...  2 leashes and a rope ,  foil blanket...6 pairs of misc glasses,  first aid things
$17.16 IN COINS, A FOLDING KNIFE/TOOL  thing, poker chips and  8 misc  charging cords.
except for teh coins, i pretty much put it all back.

the new schedule went pretty well yeterday consideing .. of teh  7 people scheduled, 3  had health issues..
  2  roaring intestinal tracts and a sore neck.
so i may have to add one more filler person -- which is a problem we used to study somewhere....
 how many people do you need to hire  to be sure you will have 4 people there at all times...
and now there are parts of me that could be happier. ( temp  normal..o2  95,   . nose running  tummy growling)
grommet  had another 17 minute tie.... we will continue that daily til she says no more.... which can happen at any moment. 
siz is in heat.... and would be breedable only before we can tell if may is pregnant... so my guess is we wll breed her
i wonder if tiggeer would find her any more attractive than may?????   if not... watson???   not grommet... they are  both relqater to walter
as for elvis losing his ball....   denis has a new  topic for his resume... ball replacer... he  screwed it b=back on...