Wednesday, May 20, 2020

may 20 2020
i get many emails  ,,but,, here is a first....Next time you glue and screw a ball,  please Let me know. I find these surgeries very fascinating
i am happy to provide teh detqils---    pam found the ball and put it in the basket.. denis put it  back on with a slightly bigger screw.. so elvis is back to being the perfect joker..

 the rest of the story... someone did not knowwe found the ball and ordered a new one... i dunno from where... how mqany polaces in the country sell horn balls?
 i just went to my favorite source book.. teh lancaster county  book of stuff from amish country  well mad.e .. cheaper than local... because the local stores are buying stuff from  the  amish country by reading the lancaster county   whatever it is...   like yellow pages.... that is because amish kids are taught to "do things"  like work with wood... or bean relish.
i am off and running..... home schooling... oh how i could redo thqat... 
ok so teh grades 1nto 6 should be getting reading  writing and arithmetic down pat...but after that . education  is too  non specific for my likeing.  i would not separte the boys and girls either --- they both might, in their future lives, be required to make a non lumpy cream sauce... or to solder a pipe.... a one hour lesson in making bread .. or in "how a toilet flushes"  would actually be helpful for when the toilet overflows on christmas eve.
 one of the first things i would  do   is make about 4 half hour videos to repklace the years of american history i sat thru and about all i remember is 54-40 or fight-  which has not done much to support me thru the years...watching one video a night would be the required homework... which would be a 20 minute discussion in  homeroom... and that topic  is done... you want to know more about lewis and  clarke? we taught you to read in grade school.. so go read... in the meantimer....
todays lesson, will be inbt eh parking lot so you can learn how to change a tire, 
  i ws not allowed to take woodworking but i would have got a lot more good out of that.. or a  household maintanence course in lightbulb changing and wasp removal.  lets educate these kids for reality.
a 10 minute lab on grommet replacement would have been infinitely  more useful than conjugating verbs.   the  many hours i spent  were  totally wasted  and one of those courses i had to take in highschool was given by a totally wasted teacher- how much more important it would have been for us to study alcoholism  and addiction in general.. 

4 yeqars oif  teh american college  exhistance  is not much better-- wso many "required courses"  before you were allowed to take anything remotely interesting.  in order for you to get a degree from our institution  you must  earn 36 credits by sitting thru ( and paying for)  these  required courses.  colby college had the additional requirement of being able to spell 500 words.... that  requirement  over whelmed my entire college life  and is responsible for me to take a yeaqr in scotland jst to get away from that obsession.. 

the concept of "required courses" needs a 100% overhaul  --
 thanks to the cov pandemic... there will be a lot of overhauling and rethinking.  

p.s.  my obsession with the siphoning of water,  i have proven  i can lift water over teh swing set.. probably 18 feet high???   it is all sitting there   some day i will do mail call from there and show everybody

i am sooooooo close to ordering enough lumber to do a davinchi bridge....... google thqt one !!