Tuesday, May 26, 2020

may 26 2020
poison ivy...   not totally unlike worrying about COV  dispensing droplets... i decided to simply snip off some vines that are starting up som of the big trees in the driveway.. and  since i discovered i had 3 pairs of scissors IN THE CAR WITH ME, - i had teh right equipment.  i carefully snipped away...  but then i had to reach for just a few more.. and teh ivy brushed my hand...

i have  a long  history with poison ivy -- i can remember daubbing witch hazel on my sister frannie's rear end after she  squatted to pee in the bushes... but there were more than bushes there... and i have had brutal cases of it myself...  there was a  long time before anyone reqlized soap would help.. and trhe was a firm belief that oozing serum would spread it... i believed that for years and argued it at greAT LEGNTH WITH A DOCTOR WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS.  TO ILLUSTRATE THAT POINT I  SCRATCHED ANAD SMEARED AND I  WOULD GET " THAT 'S NOT WHERE IT IS COMING FROM."  AFTER MUCH ARGUEMENT, AND SOAP, IT WAS DISCOVERED IT WAS MY SHOELACES THAT WERE RECONTAMINATING MY HANDS... AND WITH VERY CAREFUL STERILe TECHNIQUE IT WAS PROVEN THAT SERUM DID NOT SPREAD POISON IVY.... IT IS BASICALLY A DUST /GOO KIND OF THING WHICH IF YOU WASH IT OFF WITH SOAP  YOU DON'T GET IT. so i washed my ahnds, clothes and shoes  and hope for the best.

with many people buying gloves to "protect them"   i watch.....  wearing gloves does not stop you from spreqding  this  virus if you shold get it on your hands... depending on how it got therte....    which is the contaminated part , inside the glove or outside?  i went to pick up some kentucky fried chicken for  everybody;'s lunch-  my hands were filthy-- normal filthy ... too dirty to eat fried chicken with.. so while in line i put on those latex gloves... picked up the bag of chicken   and teh change... and pulled over...  now i had dirty hands covered with  gloves with a possible cov  problem and i had already touched the steering wheel..... and teh cup where i keep teh change.... i was not going to even think about the bag sitting on the passenger seat which was making the seat belt buzzer blare at me.  i had seen teh glove reemoval porocess-- with george DVM -- as often as anyone -- so as i pulled off the glove i turned it inside out-- now at least i had teh cov virus inside the gloves.. except i had touched the steering wheel...   and i still had teh hands too  dirty to eat a crispy chicken leg with .. so back on with the gloves
--- eat some fries and touch the steering wheel qnd i was back where i started.  except i managed to eat some of those good fries.

 there are some times when  you have to  decide to decide......  
 made 2 decisions re teh quest for fried chicken.... serv9ce dg project is 1/2 way between 2 kentycky frieds   saugus( toward boston) and seabrook( toward maine.)   i opted to go away from boston as tehy would probably have a lower incidence of  COV contamingtion// -- then i have always wondered if hot food would be less likely to be a problem...   tehn there  is teh question which no one quite answers,,,"food is not a way it is transmitted"  
well i ate the fried chicken ..and enjoyed  it.. totally disregarding teh steering wheel.

you can go nuts over this.
 so far so good-- no poison ivy