Sunday, May 31, 2020

may 31 2020
i happened to shut off teh tv overnight.. can't shut off what was in my head tho...   how to go on my merry little way?  there is not a darn thing i can do about it.  tehre are alot of things i can not do anything about.. so all i can do is muddle on... and welcome the volunteers here who just want to get away from it all..

welcome them i do...  as they all pitch in to do something... anything... in the fresh air.  the raking adn gardening is way beyond my origional condcept.. i even saw someone powerwashing the walls of the barn  -- denis started, but  i did see more than one head in the mist billowing out of the barn door... bud managed to fix 2 of the restaurant quality/typoe pot washing faucets... he orders strange things on line anbd  then puts  tehem togetehr..

i need to get on with other things  like people... cars... top ...and soon to be deceased horse janine is bringing in tomorrow.. apparently teh horse,  usually a nice quiet riding horse, has  had some kind of nervous breakdown and turned viscious  injuring it's owner to the point of being hospitalized...
viscious and 1000 pounds are not two words anyone can cope with.  there is someone who can come to pick up deceased horses.. and probably bryan will be here to make teh horse  go to sleep.   
all animals can have nervous breakdowns.. and behave just as badly.. 
with humans it is often  demonstrated by the uncontrolable urge to turn over police cruisers.
 i will quit there.