Saturday, May 9, 2020

may 9 2020
   Speaking of breaking records---  i was welcomed by a  7 towel morning--
 and these were not just hand towels-- good big bath towels...
all were in here overnight  so teh contributers were jiminey,bentley,chaos sizzle and jasmine
that is aproximately 690 pounds of dog.. there is no way i could gather the puddles aqnd measure tehm,,,,, unless... 
once we get qall those towels out  on teh fence inteh rain, 
we could pour gallons of water on the floor and get an aproximate volume of  teh urine produced by 690 pounds of dog.
there are stranger things studied -- but maybe......not many.

i don't want to imply that i am becoming negative, but yesterday  ----i looked at all thes huge  lovely old oak trees 
that have weathered so much more than todays news cycle  and couold not help but thinking all those spring buds
 way up there in  the sky  were only gong to fall down and need raking next fall.  that concept could quite easily
become book #37.. 
to look at this place as a realitor would describer it... to what it has become... is little more than hysterical.

Who knew  the  lovely indoor arena that is so  magnificant and more than i ever thought i would own...would cause 
me to spend hours trying to make water run uphill???? 
Who knew that the hot top in the barn   which made teh alley so simple to sweep just provided a system of 
rat  tunnels second only to the New York subway system.
Who knew Janine's simple " let me put the pregnant donkey in front of your cameras" would result in
 a pile of "used shavings" twice the size of a  moving van,,, and a tractir ti get it there... and mark to drive it.

 teh image is so critical and bears no resemblance to reality. .
 it is that same image which caused me to buy 3 dozen right angle  chain link fence fixers -- that is teh easy part...
poke a keyboard and paypqal will pay...  now   just who will used teh 36 right angles???? still struggling with that part.
 i have hopefully called a board of directors meeting...  to go over some touchy details of cov and sdp
 i do prefer these meetging s car window to car window--- comfortable4 warm and dry...
may is in heat !!!!  looking forward to thr arrival of tigger next week...  don't start counting yet and jinx us....
but it is hopeful
 it is also snowing
 so to go back to the power of positive thinking....  i must not curse teh flood of urine, but  be happy thatq 
i have the fluffy towels to carry it out to the fence line to be rained on...

since it was teh rain that made them all refuse to take their owm pee  outside in the first place.
here is trh video on how to breathe