Wednesday, February 10, 2021

feb 10 2021


For those of you who live in the city or thereabouts ridex  is a product that COUNTRY FOLK really should pour down your drain every six months or a year to keep your septic system behaving properly and it is a wonderful product I don't know if it has a substitute product so therefore I can use that in this illustration that I have so that I stay non political ..
it's all wonderful to have everybody go out and vote ----you certainly ought to and things like that---- but in the big turn of the wheel the old  dollar might be a better way to voice your opinion ...  I am told by them's  KNOWS... that every letter a company receives pro or con is worth 500 points .. by now you can tell where I'm going ------what we need to have done is to have all those people who are going to vote in Congress to be listed along with what companies are supporting them ..  and if you like how senator XYZ votes you look up on his list and find out that he's being supported by ridx so you write a letter to ridx and say it's very nice of you to support senator XYZ I like the way he thinks ..  or you do that the other way around ..  my guess is when the **** hits the fan the dollar might have an a  lot of sway ..  it certainly would be worth the experiment .. especially with the COV and people having not too much to do ...   and in our group of dail Y DOGGERS we have  some  Very many accomplished legal people , computer people ,  and people who like details ,,  so if anybody can put together any kind of a list totally non political I just want the names of these people senators ---  with where they get their money ..  I'll bet a cookie somebody would pay attention .  besides what else have you got to do in this see ovi bit ..
this Freedom of Information act ..  should somehow be able to give us the information we would like.. i would certainly find i t very ibnteresting.
I've often said time is the only true currency ..  and right now with everybody staying home we got a lot of time so instead of running around waving flags and banners let's go to the root of the problem ..   from whence cometh the cash   ?..
NEXT......So in a net effort to keep are you people ,well informed -----   when you I live in an area which does not have  CITY sewerage , you have a septic system which amounts to a place that collects everything that you wash down the drain then kind of digest it into a fluid mess puts it out into the ground which makes the grass grow really really really green ..   and you have to be sure that you're giving the system enough to chew on and enough chewers ..  the rId X is theCHEWERS   the bacteria which digests whatever solids end up in that tank ...   now there are people who run businesses about pumping out septic systems that  don't have the correct balance of chewers and stuff to chew on .. and they say they should be pumped out once a year ...  this IS  a lesson in marketing also ... because around here keeping the balance is a little random .. so I decided one day really ought to have it pumped out because you don't want it to get stuffed up and overflowing 'cause that's a bad thing .
and the company came and scraped and pumped and scraped and pumped ..  and before they left I went to talk to the MAN  as I know there's always things to be learned from people who work for living ..  and he said that we had an absolutely lovely septic taNK  ---it was wonderful and was it nice to see that I'd had it pumped out regularly ..   I hated to tell him it was the first time in 30 years ..literally ....  and the reason it was lovely was I'm pretty religious about flushing ridx every once in awhile ..  something probably Goldie ... reminds  me to do it .. like today-------- I will ask the trainers when they're taking a dog out to the market for training the pick up 5 boxes of ridx ..  one for each building here ..
Just to Complete  your education on a very delicate topic --- when you live with a septic system you do not run out of toilet paper ..  because other things like paper towels .....napkins .....Sears Roebuck catalogs .... those things don't digest ..  and therefore you would have to call the septic pumping person to unclog your system ..  there are some signs to put in country bathrooms which say something like+++++++ if it doesn't come off this roll  or  you have CHEWED ON IT ...  then don't flush it+++++++
thus completed your education for the dAY..  
In talking with Courtney I realized what a wonderful job these monitors do.... monitors people who watch what's going on on the cameras with the comments moderators ?  as we decided they needed to be recognized for their sometimes unpleasant things they have to do and say ..  so I asked her to give me the names of ones and I would get thank you ready ..   after a very short time I got a box ..  and ask people around here to find something to put in that box that we use that somebody else might use or find amusing ..   and then rather than stuffing the  BOX  with paper stuffing or those awful peanut things ..  I took a clean washed fluffy  Which had some dog decoration ..  and slid so very peculiar items into the fluffy which hopefully will make someone at least smile or wonder why somebody put it in there ..  among the objects were poker chips pens and Wooden clothespins ... which happened to be one of my favorite things to use in places one would not expect to find a  WOODEN clothespin ..  I took all the names of the people Courtney given me and put him in my Texas hat .. and pulled out rob ragar.. -The rest of that story is that very efficient LindaSEALED  it up mailed it before I got to put in NOTE  explaining anything..   not that there was anything to explain . .well hopefully Linda got at least our return address on it somewhere otherwise Rob is going to be very confused with why someone sent him   all this stuff in the Mail ..
so much for crazy acres TODAY
 well.. hopefully no  news is good news aboiut scarlott-- last i heard she was drtagging vet techs around the hospitlal
Today, Josh was able to try one of his favorite winter activities for the first time with Daisy! He was able to stand up and shovel some snow while she helped him balance. Previously, he’s shoveled on his knees, with a crutch, walker or from sitting but this new trick has real potential! It’s simply awesome to watch Josh and Daisy grow and learn to work together. Thank you SDP!

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Moving Ned to a new state, having a pandemic then a hurricane puts us in a situation where we literally have only ourselves to rely on.  We haven't yet built a friend network locally and all our friends and relatives from home have had to  cancel their travel for visits.  I can't imagine how I would have made it through the challenges of the past year without this amazing big boy!  We have become so synched.  Although I talk to him constantly, I don't often need to give him instructions.  When I reach for his vest, he comes at a run to get dressed.  When I stop, he stops and waits.  When I open the door to the car or truck he's in before I can step out of the way.  You nailed it when you called them thinking dogs.  He certainly does think and observe all the time.  I've learned to follow your recommendation that when they do something you don't expect, stop and look around to see why.  He will stop and step directly in front of me if he believes there is some kind of threat.  We don't move until he's convinced the threat is over then he'll return to my side.  Sometimes it's an approaching animal, sometimes it's a person he doesn't trust for some reason but I trust his judgement and we wait.  The only places we go around other people right now are to the grocery and doctor appointments.    Ned always gets rave reviews.  One doctor was so impressed when his nurse stepped over Ned and he didn't even raise his head, just rolled those big beautiful eyes watching her.  
We're so lucky to live very near 4 State parks and 1 National Park.  It gives us wonderful places to get outside and take walks on the beaches or through natural preserves.  You can always find a place to get outside and still be away from others.  Hurricane Sally opened a new volunteer opportunity working weekly to clean up damage at our local state parks.  It's perfect because we work in areas separate from everyone else and Ned is so happy to help. We get to be in remote areas of the park so Ned can run zoomies to his heart's content.  He's wonderful about not chasing or digging where other animals are.  He loves the crabs and sea birds but is quite content to watch them.  The parks are his favorite place to go and luckily mine too!  
I must admit I'm looking forward to the day when we can return to attending festivals, concerts and the symphony but in the meantime Ned's company definitely fills the gaps. 
 It's so hard to find words to describe how incredible Ned is and the changes he's made to my life.  There are so many things I wouldn't have considered trying by myself but the confidence of having this big strong companion making sure my steps are secure has opened the option to do things I thought were gone forever.  

I can't thank the camera people and Service Dog Project enough for giving me such a life changing gift.  Amazing people and an amazing organization.  Thank you!
Ellen and Ned