Sunday, February 14, 2021

feb 14 2021

 big excitement of the day... i plan to go upstairs- i don't think i have been there in 5 should be riding a bicycle... i should be able to manage ther narrow sopiral stairs...-

i put in those narrow metal stairs for a lot of reasons.. -- normal stairs take up too much of a house with narrow wedges of places you can't use for much... and  it did provide a dog free zone  ( wanda the jack russell can manage them .. but no danes..). nicely carpeted... the metal treads shake off  88% of the generic dirt on ones shoes... so generally the upstgairs is clean.,, or was..  to be determined...
it did make getting a washer dryer up there exciting-- by sliding  them up a 30 foot aluminum ladder  which stuck ouit ht e front door...-- then just as erxciting to get them down when i realized i needed the washer dryer where the dirty close landed nightly.... in my room ( area) .

the  upstairs has/had  2 small bedrooms and a loft area. janine's room was expanded by putting  her bed?matreass on a piece of pl;ywood hanging  on chains off the cathedreqal cieling. so she couodl have a desk underneath.  the other oddity is the  5'x8' "closet... with counterr and sink....  this was from my animal advertising business -- back inthe days when you had to develope film-- this was the "darkroom" ----   we didn't do much of that , but it made that part of the house deductable,

being in  "the film industry" is one reason this place  has  soooooo many  strange things...

2021 2 14


It started out very slowly by me bringing home odd things from some movie or photo shoot .. the one thing that comes to mind is the barrel that somebody wore in the commercial that had straps over the shoulder .. they used it for the photo shoot and were going to throw it out so I bought it home .. and we did use it in one Mail call with Sheila a very funny episode .. but there were invariably stuff that they use but they don't use again and don’t have a place to store it .. that's how it started -----then I realized that I could buy almost anything and if we used it even as background in any commercial photo it was a business expense ..totally legal ..  I think---- and do keep in mind I'm no accountant or tax expert .. ----- but when you're in business if you buy things even intending to use them for your business they are deductible .n  cars... trucks... trailers.. animal containeers.. and animals themse.lves....   . That almost pertains to your children if you stretch it .. in my case both my girls we're totally capable of doing some of these commercials .. so when they did I could pay them very well. I better get off this topic . but I think it is all legal ..  they have to be able to do whatever you're paying them for and in my case they both were very capable ..

which is why Janine ended up wandering around football fields with a shampooed cow which eventually morphed into the chicken ship program .And I ended up with a dark room in the second floor of our house .

 moving on....

one reason I want to go upstairs is it's warm up there ... it's exercise .. and I'm desperate for exercise .. plus someone has told me ---there an awful lot of shirts upstairs .purple shirts that says staff  on them ..  I also know that the 450 rolls of paper towels that the motorcycle people gave us got thrown up to that area .. so I just think it might be interesting to see what on earth is up there .. ,

used to be   before the COV  that camera people from across the country we're welcome to come here for two or three nights at a time N live upstairs .... while volunteering to help with the chores ..,   I was careful too note that this is not a spa you don't come here to relax and do nothing but you are welcome to come and help and some people thought that was wonderful and it was .   My 7:00 AM rule was in effect .

that was a rule that came from when my children were of college age and the guest house was sort of a gathering place for parties .. which was fine but I had a rule that if I'm up working at 7:00 AM ----which I always AM--- the rest of the farm is up at that point too .. which resulted   it is several college age bodies leaning against trees at 7:00 AM trying to sober up ..

it's really funny now to see how totally respectable those kids have become at the age of 50 .some of them read this thing and I can  just see them cringing for fear I mentioned any names ----which I won't do ---..sorry

It wasn't just the guest house either .. remember I had a caboose down where  a T tent is now ..  there's a lot of funny stories about that place too.-

Hello Carlene and SDP Family,

Just a check in down in Tennessee.
My beautiful Lady Ripple continues to amaze us each day!
She has been my life with giving independent’s, quality of life, we have not been separated since our match one year ago!
I’ve had surgeries, illnesses requiring several hospital stays, and a few ER trips which everyone knows our girl and they remember her name, the hospitals have been so good to never challenge her staying with me on my bed everywhere!
Everyone loves her so much and say’s, you can tell she’s a true Service Dog due to her manners and training. She is so good to so much change and rides with me on my bed where ever they take us.
They allow Johnny to stay with us so he takes her out for her needs.
Johnny say’s he’s gonna get a Tee Shirt that say’s,” I’m Lady Ripple 's Dad".
She was so extremely timid when she chose me to now she goes with each day being a new day!
She has had to wait with Johnny in the waiting room a few times during surgeries and he says she's looking around and making a whiny sound of where is my mama?
As soon as they let her join me, he says she pulls him too exactly where I am not knowing where , she knows and when she sees me she prances so happy beside my bed as if she were walking with me until we get the room and immediately she climbs right on the bed with me again!
One doctor does a procedure in his office which Lady Ripple lays her head on his hand as to say what are you doing?
The doctor stops and explains to her what it is and what he's doing.
She then raises her head as to say ok but be carefulšŸ˜‚
I can't explain the joy she gives us and she is my Best Friend she and I talk all the time and she looks straight into my face and eyes with such love and understanding.
She was such a Blessing you everyone who saw her at Christmas where we had to go to the doctor everyday which is in the hospital for my antibiotic shots where she was all in her red, with Elf Stockings and Reindeer Ears.
We looked at everyone we passed saying "Merry Christmas" and so many sad faces immediately brightened up with a smile and told us the same and many told us how she made their Christmas!
I will be so glad when we can do as I planned to visit schools and nursing facilities to visit and share my Angel with out her Wings as I know God has for her when she joins him but I pray many, many years from now!
I don't know how I could ever do without my girl!!!!

God Bless Everyone at SDP for giving me the best gift anyone could ever receive

re:  the cov shot......
why  did i doubt that i would  get this...  i said  it was well planned !!

Date Administered: 02/12/2021 4:10 PM +00
Manufacturer: Pfizer
Dose: 1
Injection Site: Right Arm

This certificate documents that the individual named above has received the COVID-19 Vaccination, Dose 1. Please download the CDC V-Safe app here to track your vaccination process.

The Pfizer vaccine requires two doses. You have completed one dose of two total. You must get your second dose of the Pfizer vaccine close to but no earlier than 21 days from today, which will be 03/05/2021. If the interval is greater than 21 days, you can still schedule your second dose. For more information, please see the latest CDC guidelines on the Pfizer vaccine .

See if there's availability at DoubleTree Hotel - Danvers.

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