Wednesday, February 17, 2021

feb 17 2021


2021 2 17

the paw print Deal is not as easy as it sounds ... the best I could do is get one large Bentley toe along with my thumbprint ... to be continued .


this morning for lack of anything better I decided to make a list of the  states of the union .. it's a well known fact that if you make a bet with anybody in a bar that they can't name all the states they won't be able to ... so I decided to see if I could manage and I first tried it strictly alphabetically .. add wandered straight through from Alaska to Wyoming or whatever and I ended up with 37 states .. not very impressive so I sat there for a long time and tried to fill in the gaps and I've gotten up to 47 and I don't seem to know about anymore this morning on this funny television telephone things where my daughter is on her treadmill down in North Carolina I told her too try naming the States and let me know what her numbers were .. ,she's the kind who might just remember's interesting go ahead and try it

I wonder if that's away to be able to graph dementia.. how many states can you remember ..

go ahead try it and give me some numbers-------- I won't use your name .

Scarlet continues to do very well.  

there is a  concept here ..  Betsy said she used to live on a farm and there were times when an animal just plain died you never know why you dug a hole and buried it ..  now what happens is that A medical person is called when the animal or person is not doing feeling well ..and decides what's the matter with it it The ailment  a Latin name so that even if it does live for the next year you spend that year worrying about which moment it was going to drop dead but you basically lose A lot of enjoyment .. with the ignorance is bliss concept


Someone I think from Maine is trying to get through legislation so that if a service dog is attacked buy a Loose pet dog in an area where pet dogs are not allowed the owner of the dog would be responsible for the veterinary expenses and if necessary replacing the dog ..  and they were looking for people to fill out a survey ,

I don't put out surveys for our recipients to fill out ..  so I started to wipe that out .. and then I thought how could I possibly have forgotten the business about being electrocuted by the KONE elevator ..  where Bentley and I we're both knocked out .. and it did have its consequences .. basically both of us lost stamina.

for a bunch of reasons suing them just was not in my best interests ..  especially since the Kone elevator legal team basically told me “just go buy another dog “,, and also “at 79 we could just outwait you “   .. I was just caught in a situation which was going to benefit lawyers more than me ..

 however I do have the video ..  and maybe this legislation about being attacked by a pet dogs .. should also be worded to include any injury to a service dog . 

The VA considers a service dog medical equipment ... so there ought to be logic if you ruin somebody's wheelchair they are responsible for either fixing it or replacing it .an interesting concept ..Kone elevator is not my favorite elevator company .

? street names???  
Great commentary on the frustration of street names. Here in Houston, the major highways all have nicknames, so if you’re taking I-45 north toward Dallas it’s called the South Freeway or the North Freeway depending on where you get on. Sometimes the sign to the on ramp will say I-45 N, but the larger sign usually just says North Freeway.  Also State Highway 6 becomes FM 1960 near the Westheimer Rd intersection. When I lived in St Louis, the main drag was Lindbergh Blvd, aka Kirkwood Road thru that suburban town, then back to Lindbergh Blvd at Kirkwood city limits but nowhere is there any signage that says the name changes. City fathers clearly have no clue that people will be moving to or driving through their fair cities and would like a bit of help navigating.
You are correct it seems other than New England everything has a right angle corners. But I live in Yuma Arizona in the winter now on a dirt road called East County 14th St. which runs north and south and intersects at a perpendicular angle to a blacktop road called East County 14th St. that runs east and west. The County refuses to give me two Street signs both labeled E. county 14th St. so I have made my own calling one desert horse way as my company is desert horse adventures. All though it is 2021 Yuma county does not seem able to figure out that when they change the name of the street it should be relevant to the location. They have a road that lives on the line that divides the city and the county so that one side of the road is called 40th St. and the opposing side of the road is called county 12th. You can be sure it is confusing to all.