Saturday, February 20, 2021

feb 20 2021

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Emergencies   begat emergencies  ... cold is bad enough... but.. no water?? I was impressed with how many Texans were standing in line with coolers and 5 gallon water jugs...that  started me thinking how wonderful it is that I have so many coolers and five gallon jugs around here I certainly would have no problem if you didn't mind mixing the water with a few mouse poopies or whatever because mine are not stashed away clean and if all those people are lying to get water in those containers they must have put them away clean----so now   I   can see that as a way of providing for an emergency a four inch square piece of tinfoil at the top of those water jugs could be part of an emergency system then at least the jug would be clean..  and that started me


My life with generators is a very convoluted topic we now have automatic generators--- two of them---- but I was along time getting there .. along the way I certainly saw the need for a generator and I did buy one or two or three but they all have to be started up regularly and make sure they have gas and oil and things like that ------if somehow by the time you have an emergency with one of those it's been so long since it was started that you pull that rope for four hours before it finally chugs on ..  and then I found out I had a better generator already ready to go always ----if I just bought a very inexpensive “inverter “ for my car .. doesn't produce a lot of electricity but enough to run one or two things at a time and the car is already always ready to go .. The inverter I now have in my car is about the size of two packs of cigarettes and plugs into the what was known as the cigar lighter and it has a place to plug in one extension cord... I do have a semi emergency plan around here to always keep my car full of gas .  All the other generators that I have owned and still own it just cannot keep up with everything like to make sure you start them every week or something so the car to me is a fine solution – without bud.. those generators  are 100% useless.


now As for water ----that's a whole new ball game ... not very long ago we did not have city water here and we had a well which means when we lost electricity we lost    water so  I’m very familiar with that .. but seeing as we live across the street from a Lake,   water was always around I could get it by the bucket if I had to to water animals or flush..... but some of these people in Texas who live in suburbia really hard pressed to find water -------you do have some in your house namely your hot water heater is I believe full of clean drinking water at least it was when he started and every house in New England has the ability shut off the water and drain the pipes ------- in a reasonable size house you'll get a couple gallons of water out of the pipes ..  One of the very first things you have to do with an emergency like Texas is plan   for your general sanatation ...  and where they lack water  flushing is a luxury....  maybe they are lucky  it is soo cold..... If they had a few plastic bags and the three gallon size plastic buckets .. .. that would mean that to keep the place sanitary -- they could just bag it and put it outside let it freeze .


which Started me on it making a mental list of things I take for granted they might suddenly be without ...  from experience I have realized that there are damn few smokers anymore ..  so when you turn around and ask for a match .. nobody has one ..  it takes a very long time rubbing sticks together( so they tell me)  -----  there is very little substitute for a match .

so that would be the first thing  in my emergency bucket  -- Closely followed by   a week's worth of pills --  they would have to be monitored and recycled .. there's no way I can go a week without dilantin...  ----

As for trying to stay warm in this house , the best way is to use the iron stove in the kitchen becausw by dropping any kind of a tarp on one side you have a small confined area with a  ceiling ..  the fireplace opens up into the cathedral ceiling which makes the fireplace a bit of a joke .. that stove in the kitchen has been known to keep the kitchen toasty ..  however at the moment provided a horizontal space for people to put things... microwave   dog food.. plasticware fluffys In paper goods .. People in the good old days would never build a house with a cathedral ceiling .. and these kitchen stoves we're responsible for warming many families I'm sure .. while cooking food and baking bread.....if I could just get mine cleaned off .

yikes i better go plow.....  

Dear Carlene & Lynn, 
Dale been settling in very well at home here in Florida. We have been working very hard I’m building our partnership and making our bond very tight. We go out working every day. We also work on recall for at least three hours every single day. She loves to go out and work. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me for giving me back my independence. As I say independence is the most priceless gift that anybody can possibly ask for. Thank you so much for all that you do for people like me. 

She has helped me so much since we been together in such the short time already. She has stopped numerous falls and she she. Gets so proud of herself for it. 
She has helped me so much at home, just getting up is a task and she helps me up all I have to do is ask her for “ help” and she comes running over to help me. 
She braces and helps me up if I’m on the floor doing something and helps me down safe and back up. 
She loves to vest up and go out to work. Her tail wags and she loves walking by my side helping me through each step of the way. 

Pixie RugerDuke and Dale have all settled in quite nicely. It as if they all live together for their entire lives. They all snuggle, play together and enjoy each other‘s company. Sometimes I giggle because the deal seems to like to lay down on top of pixie sometimes. And pixie just does not mind. Pixie excepted her from the second we walked in the door. They all have a beautiful relationship.
She has given my independence back!! That is a gift that I’m so forever grateful for. 

Thank you so much SDP, the Trainers, staff, volunteers and all who have made this possible. I just can not say how thankful I am enough for my beautiful girl who has opened up a whole new world for me giving me my independence back❤️
Dale & Stacy