Thursday, February 4, 2021

feb 4 2021

we( whoever..) at SDP followed teh adopt a kid commercial  in the 2  channels and  saw 6 different FLASHED commercials.. none of which i could read... except the one tht said car parts.  then this morning i did see on adopt a kid  without tthe  flash...

i did get alot of cp's telling me i should not watch either cnn or fox -- let me reassure you ... my channel of sanity is dr pol.  with  his arm up th e back end of some cow.
i did not mention  the fact that i recieved an email from a cp in europe with the screenshot of 5 men in top hats, formal atire holding a ground hog.. as  typical usa news....
 reese is here--- and ... i did say i would  have a vet look her over...and then a friendly physician friend  ( who's name i must with hold  for reasons of PR..)  was here ... so he listened to heart lungs, temp  teeth and tail... and declared her a healthy dog.------  what    with the cov complications ...  i figured that was better than most pre breeding.. which is usually  nil... plus  geroge has made comments.... so  the rest is up to watson...\
if anyone can spend time on this... it woUld be helpful- what are the exact rules... and i heard a rumor logan was not accepting animale in cargo lately???
last time i tried to import a dog from  czech..  by shipping out of frankfurt where i have dealt with pet air many times.

2021 2 4-- switching to dictation...:) 

I ran into a complication of trying to get a puppy into Germany .. it had something to do with rabies free countries ... 30 days quarantine ,,,  on a puppy it was only 10 weeks old anyway .. the whole thing got too confusing we ended up shipping Sir Richard from the Prag to Lisbon to Boston which took 24 hours ----I don't like that .

 the flight from Frankfurt is 8 hours .. this Claudia Bohemia kennel is close to the German border I think .. and if we could get two pups to Frankfurt .. then I would gladly buy 2 from her next litter ..  and if you all Google the kennel and look over her dogs an awful lot of them look like chaos   and even deagle .. after you wander around all the rabies regulations .. for your general information education look over the details of the pedigrees where they give you things like the hip xrays entropion heart problems etc


the other thing that I then did that was interesting was to Google Earth the address of the Kennel    Vysoke Jamne 48, 34953 Lestkov, Czech Republic  ..teh the aerial  view of the town was interesting from the standpoint of all the houses clumped together and the fields extend beyond them .


when I was in Germany looking for dogs 100 years ago I was amazed that the houses we're right up to the sidewalk like new York cirty apartment buildings     in the town and then behind the houses there  where the many many acres of land being used for various things where is in the United States we go the other way and have a huge front yard which is good for nothing except weed killer .. there's a world of difference there. 


I spent too  long answering emails this morning.. and DID NOT GET ANY RECIPIENT STORIES TO RELATE  GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR