Saturday, February 6, 2021

feb 6 2021

 wow.. another   SOS    sold out saturday !!----i was delighted to get the phone call that the 2100 bricks were sold out... and to start the flying purple egg  division. which i did at 8pm  last night....... that kind of call is very welcome any hour of the day or night,, 

allow me to explain the details to the newcommers  ---- the origiobnal 2100 fundraising "bricks"  which are numbered ... are very critical to  paying our staff  -- technically it is half our monthly payroll.. the other half is covered by different grants and donations...... and teh community of camera people and daily doggiers  has taken on that responsibility for the  past ??8?? years by selling out the 2100 bricks.. the winner .... chosen by the chickens first sunday of th month....  3pm  tomorrow... ...   gets to become a permanent member of the "shatupon society of ipswich"   and gets a framable certificate to that effect ...   a value of $.036.   they also get a personal gift from me which  i believe is below any complications of the irs... i don't declare it...  it is  just a  personal gift,,,

if ithe board sells out every time why don't i just make the board bigger??? well the budget is that we need the 2100 and i dont go along with  the more more more  philosophy of financing... but i certainly don't want to stop anyone from donating more..  there is always teh fun fund..... so once we are sold out, i open  the purple division where the owner is chosen by  a  egg dyed purple  and boiled for one minute only.. and then lofted   onto the board from a short disgtance and the number closest to the runny yolk also becomes a permanent member of the shatupon society  and gets a smaller gift from me.

2021  2 6

 For those of you who like details ..this Concept started back when I was animal episodes .. the company which provided animals for movies television and a lot of screwey  things .. namely cow bingo where I would provide a shampooed cow and some college student who would then walk the cow around some athletic field which was cut up into squares and sold to people trying to buy football uniforms or something .. and it was very profitable for the football uniform industry and animal episodes .. Janine spent many of her college hours wandering around with a cow ..  and then I started this service dog project ..  and I figured if I could downscale it to chickens life would be an awful lot easier nobody cares whether a chicken is shampooed or not .. this chicken bingo is used in many country fairs  and bars.... and I can't really declare it as my unique idea even though at the time it was ..  top that with I started this selling paper tickets which was very cumbersome and not very profitable then Janine came up with a friend who could write this program we now use ..  and Charlie of came up with the cameras between those two things what was once earning $1000 a month .. has grown to be  $20,000 a month .. it allows us to have the proper staff to take care of this growing service dog project .

Thankfully getting those chicken bricks sold  is taken very seriously by the whole group .. and I know that there are many people who cannot afford the $10 a month    ------those are the people that I asked  to cut up there's cereal boxes into the three inch by 6 inch poop pickers that we carry in our back pockets at all times ..


our mantra of -----“define a need and solve it”  ------actually the story keeps evolving .. because Judy decided the Alzheimer  group at the local senior center needed a job so with a bunch of crayons and stamps the big pads she takes these 3 inch by 6 inch cereal box pieces to the senior home gets  everybody lined up decorating the poop pickers that when our staff uses them they very often will provide a smile at the same time ...

the decoration of the Pooh picker project has been waylaid because of CoV obviously ...


and..... there is more to that story also ... Judy and I  made trips to 133  senior centers of one type or another from daycare to residence centers .. and 133 all had the smart television   with a black screen .. with the exception of two of them which had on some game show .. it was my daughter Gwen who picked up the reason ...with the kind of logic only Gwen has .. that 131 of these places had lost  the remote .. technically it wasn't lost------- it was in the box in the closet with 47 other remotes that they didn't know remoted what ..  totally understandable these places don't have extra staff .. so if you're adjusting the television and the phone rings you go answer the phone , you set the remote down on the counter ,, then you go find the person the phone was for ,, deal with a client that needed immediate attention ,, and bingo you have the perfect storm of an unattended remote .. so somebody comes along and says oh we have a whole box full of those in the closet so it puts it in the box in the closet and you end up with a smart TV that's far from being smart .


so Judy and I took daughter Janine  and with a bunch of firestix .. provided by a  cameraperson started around to try and get these things functioning on if they didn't do anything besides have on it they brightly colored fish from Australia ... it would look like an aquarium but nobody would have to change the water ..

plus without too much trouble she set them up to access a couple other explore cameras ..   like the pandas in China which are always falling out of the trees ..

by hooking up Alexa .. for voice management ...  these people in the centers could ask questions of Alexa and  get their answers without having to involve staff ...

in one alsheimer group .. there was one person who kept asking”   how fast can a bat fly “ over and over and over   and Alexa kept answering ..


I tried to get a local business to fund that concept of getting all these televisions operational and then duct taping the remote to the table so nobody take it ...which would improve the daily surroundings for thousands of people ..  I even thought it would be nice if scouting both boy and girl scouting gave a badge for working the electronics in these senior homes .. because the electronics are far beyond we older people who staffed the places .. find a 12 year old .. is what's necessary .


I still think someone should solve that dilemma.