Sunday, February 7, 2021

feb 7 2021

 fyi...     Avoid preventive pain relievers before getting a COVID vaccine: Experts - ABC News  

worry of the day.. scarlott had some kind of bad fall in th e icy snow  and has something wrong.... wierd symptoms  so i have suggested betsy take her to emergency...  it  will be very expensive, but that is why we have the fun fund.-- tho  ---  this is no fun....----quess what day these things need attantion.... sunday..
luckily i talked to woburn last week  when we were thinking of breeding reese-- because i know... if in the rare case  reese  needs a c-section .... it will be on a sunday  so i didn't want any othre confusion to deal with.   so we are all set to take scarlott.. and  thanks to all those FF donatoins  have a fun funds ready to help as she is one of our moms.
other than that......

i gave linda a realiszm lecture yesterday-- it is amazing what city folkj don't realize---  if you look ouut our window to the north,trees  are the usual brown grey however if you look to the south    they are plastered with snow stuck to their entire north side.. actually north eastern side.. hence the name.. and another is due  this aftermnoon.
i have trouble with that  forecast today......  with  temp  predicted at 36 to 38 degrees, that is going to be darn rainy snowl--- no fun plowing that...

so add to  that that the north side of trees is inclined to be mossy/moldy -- so who cares??? once in  my lifetime here i was lost in the forest behind me.. on horseback.. i figured she wouold tgake me home.. but she didnt and i was stiuck traveling what i could see was west.. because i knew  route 95 was over there somewhere...just one of those pieces of "incidental intelligence you might need.
as for idiot things to keep busy.... i have had 2 requests for ceiing ropes---- to ge t out of bed.. out of the shower./chair... whatever... personally my lifter ro[es ar abotu 4' long  with a ring and double ended snap to an eye ring into a beam in the cieling.    l like tth 3/4 inch rope which  is about $2 a foot  but the 3/8  at 30 cents a foot would work too.  and i have dyed some of mine purple... it is cotton rope.  they are very handy  even if a lttle strange looking.
stromberg's cataloge arrived... that is more fun than the burpee seed catalog..
 now that we have an esgtablished flock. of hens . maybe we coudl replenish igt with some more spectacular breed chickens  which along weith egg laying could be niore ibnterestingh.
my favoritge is the polish top hat variety..and there is a turken  with no feathers on it's neck-- really strange.  
there are basically 2 kinds of chickens...  meat birds and egg layers .. chicke3n raising has become sucha science that they can predictg how much grain it takes to get a bird to"broiler size"   -- and tho they lay eggs-- they do not lay  very many.. as opposed to egg layers    where you get more eggs per  pound of grain fed.  
the egg layer breeds are listed at 250 large size eggs a year.    that is under strict control... not our bunch wandering all over the yard.. tho i can tell you from the grain bill , ours eat $170 worth of layer pellets a month.. their special treat of dried worms is donaqtedd by camera people.. and how they love them !! i am not sure we get  $170 worth of eggs.. but i do seee about a dozen a day in the collecting basket...  volunteers get paid in eggs..

since baby chicks are sold iether straight run-- probably 50% males--- roosters--- people WHO  have decided haveing a few laying hens is not a bad idea.. makles more sese than a rabbitt... but when the "extra" roosters begin crowing. getting rid of tHEM is a problem,  janine... (with ther horses at meridith farm) where they have chickens close to the road...  they find people throw roosters over he fence fairly routinely... so i know this happens..  i don't know exactly why it happens here too but we have 4 roosters that we haqve not had before.. one seems to folloow people aroung as somebody's pet...  and whoeverSAID 2 roosters will fight is wrong.. these don't seem to.

my advice .. when buying baby chickens spend the extra dollar and get the females only if possible. sorry guys.. having a rooster is not necessary for egg production./.... they produce non fertile eggs anyway. 
 shatting sunday... will be different...  between cov and teh storm which will be 2 inches an hour mid afternoon... will mean not many spectatores.. and not enoughtt o contan the hens  ON THE SHATTING TABLKE...  who will probably get loose... i hope our younger kids will be here to chasr them

thank you for the sell out... AGAIN !!