Monday, February 8, 2021

feb 8 2021


fyi...    important reminder.... i was told.....  like tylenol    Avoid preventive pain relievers before getting a COVID vaccine: Experts - ABC News  

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The modern  dog has come to realize that there's no way they can find their own food --Take our dogs for instance they know the food comes out of iron trash cans with LIDS  or great big white boxes called refrigerators and until they figure out how the food gets in those and out of those they better be nice to the human who has that knowledge and get the food for them .. because it's so high on their list it's instrumental in their training .. which is why we start puppies with a spoon and a can so they get the idea that if they're nice to the guy with a source of food and pay attention they get more food or if not more they get food reliably plus a few other things like warm and water and things  ..
So when people come back here with a dog I can tell who's been feeding the dog by watching who the dog is paying attention to .. this is particularly true of mothers with small children oh I'll just help out once that's not the way it goes----- kids gotta do it themselves ..  when we first started this a long time ago a couple of the parents did not see that this bonding of dog tO  small child was absolutely critical in how well the dog was going to be able to help the child .
I watch particularly chaos at 10 minutes of four in the afternoon -----she's in the Hall barking trying to tell the person with the food to hurry up -----she's very fond of food
at that time if I call her she will 100% ignore me .. even though if she's lying on the couch not during FOOD  time if I call her , she will at least raise one eyebrow and acknowledgement---- which for her is plenty--- if I insist then she'll pay attention .. I'm not sure I could call her away from the person preparing the food 4:00 o'clock ..
interestingLY.... if I do the same with Germany he will run at me and say hello got it and then just turn and immediately go back to whoever is preparing the food ..
so many times the training of a dog it's very closely related to watching what they're going to do naturally ..The old expression  TRAINING BUILDS ON " a dog won't bite the hand that feeds it ."   . is certainly very true with dogs---- but not necessarily people .
I'm sorry if I confused everybody yesterday by misusing the terminology of fund fund ..  I do have my own personal fun fund from which I've paid a lot of things .Perhaps the most ridiculous   was---- I paid $3000 FOR A  vet bill on a  cat  WHO HAD DIED AND Left the owner with $3000 on their credit card at some horrendous interest rate .. There are times when I realize  that between medical expenses and bank charges the poor pet owner gets the short end of the deal . It's no wonder many people decide not to have pets ..   does anybody wanna go through equating that to THE WISDOM OF  opting not to have children ????..  there is just so many people all crowded in bunches here and there very nerve wracking
We got a little more snow than I'd planned on and I'm not even backed into the garage and I better go out and get the driveway cleared so that people can come in and get the chores done ..

Hi Carlene.   As we are out shoveling Harry is having a blast!   Harry sure shows he fits in with his Finnish family with his love of snow and winter!  He is always so excited when the flakes fall. We have a nice warm fire so he can warm his toes before he goes back out to run and play again.  He is such a happy fun loving boy.  Even as he turns nine next mth he still has the spirit of a puppy!  He has been working hard being handsome and being the most amazing best friend ever!  I’ve included some pics from today of his snow playtime.  Take care are stay safe and warm!