Tuesday, February 9, 2021

feb 9 2021

 all i know about scarlott is she made it thru surgery... with no obvious spread of tumors.. apparently betsy has a facebloolk.. or something  for fuirther news.   so far so good...

i was sent an article  wgbh   

here’s little debate that horses, chickens and pigs fall squarely within the definition of agricultural animals. But this week, a Massachusetts judge added another animal to the list of what’s considered livestock: puppies.

The ruling from Middlesex Superior Court Judge Christopher Barry-Smith came after officials in the central Massachusetts town of Ashby attempted to shut down a designer dog breeding operation. The decision followed a year and a half of controversy. The next door neighbors, who intervened in the court case, moved out.

Kimberly owns a 24/7 operation that breeds bernedoodles — a mix of Bernese Mountain dogs and poodles that bear a striking resemblance to teddy bears. Her Massachusetts Bernedoodles is a lucrative, robust enterprise, with over two dozen breeding dogs, 22 employees and a nursery. A single Bernedoodle puppy can fetch up to $6,500.


Ok-- you  have all heard of goldie our ghost of the left hand drawer.......  this article has implications as far a farming and dogs...  which is all well and good...however it has far reaching implications.

do any of you remember a year or so .. i went thru a phase of trying to find a swissy  ? berne?   to breed to  a dane to get a huge  hairy service dog  because of some program in  satchatawan canada...no way could  i send a dane.. with no warm coat to canada... but a swissy is built for the cold...i lost track until this.........this woman-- from the little i saw of her video has her act together..  and with  little  change i bet she coudl come up with dogs to serve all those ap[plications we can not help mainly because of allergies... that usually the poodle gene eliminates... 

with the size of her operation   22 employees --- a barn redesigned into aq dog kennel;    and constant puppies.   we must have alot in common.. if i could identify at least one of her employees with training potential,  i bet we could get more service dogs out working.. hers would proabaly be more inclined to help younger  kids  ... between the quick poodle and the steady swissy  you might get a darn good dog for the younger kids..  i would certtainly love to  help mover her into the service dog operation..   or   give us a litter and let us try... or let us give her  some sperm ..   whatever...  i think swissy's started out as cart pullers?????  so you have the draft stature.\

with 22 employees, she must have enough help to try the spoon feeding that starts our dogs... it would not take al;ot of time -- but if she coud give us a litter that all sit ina row like the photos we have of our danes at  6 or 7 weeks.. we could take it from there...  while we wait for out next litter of danes....

 which should be mid april.....????


more snow--- aside from hitting marks car, i am doing well ,, i backed into  his white car ih the white snowbank.. not as bad ias it could have been... but i did "touch it".--- don t ever get anywheres near me when i am plowing... i get tired of looking behind me.. so i often don't.

Hello All,

Not much new to report. Sunny and I are both happy that spring will be here before we know it. Even though the winter so far has been relatively mild, it is not our favorite season!
Sunny continues to be healthy; her annual is due next month.  She continues to be a great help to me as far as keeping me on my two feet. She is so good at knowing when I am having more difficulty getting around than usual; she just automatically slows her pace especially when going up and down stairs .
She loves going to the grocery store and she is so good about waiting for me to make a decision about what I want to buy. If I am taking too long to
make a choice she just lays done and patiently waits....
Hopefully COVID will be under better control by summer so we can begin to  volunteer again
Stay safe
Lou Ann and Sunny
pam update
Hello everyone! I have been home for 10 days now and it seems all is going well. I have my third round of chemo on Thursday and a follow up office visit to my Sandwich PCP on Wednesday. Some days are better than others so I am treasuring the good right now.  Surgery has not been mentioned. I had a port put in for chemo on and have had one chemo session since coming home. It seems I will be continuing the next 6 sessions, every two weeks, from Plymouth. I still have my hair. My mobility is good and my pain under control. My appetite is picking up a bit. I am having a smoothie right now amd have been maintaining my own weight. The Visiting Nurse is coming today so I will have her change my dressings.