Monday, April 12, 2021

april 12 2021

 the   PPP's ..are moving along ---both of them ------the  ppp  application for business help  is sent. thanks to linda--  absolutely critical but not   fascinating..... like the "puppy picnic project". which is growing in front of the t tent... the puppy hill camera should be able to watch the progress---

 which is growing outward from the t tent to th e point of .. can we still turn a 53 foot trailer with the purina food shipment??? while having an official tipi  to shade the pups and anyone who wants to sit in a tipi and play with pups....

pups which are thinking of making an appearence  momentarily... yesterdays r temp dropped to 97.9 which usually indicates puppy start withinn 24 hours.---- also usually born 1 every 2 hours...  could be a long daay/night  ahead of us.
moving on...
i had  several very carefully thoughtful emails  regarding the meeting with the "town board"  and this concept really hit me  very hard during the meeting....and for days afterwards to get a handle on the topic.

I was really distrubed when SDP was compared to a doggie daycare, it made me question their ability to make an informed decision....  Pam. ...silent CP 2012 calif.

it is my fault -- and i knew it was a problem when i started this  18 years ago. local people have no idea what really goes on here...  i should have been looking for more local interest. long ago.   even tho we accept kids for community service----  both from the honor society and the district attorny's office-- schools bring special ed  kids here for all kinds of learning  experiences not available elsewhere...  we went to 133 adult care centers.. we did not do enough locally....   to have anyone even mention SDP in the same breath as the other kennels in town is unthinkable... even tho i personally know of one kennel that is far nicer and well thought out than ours, ( holly's) the entire concept of a servoce dog is unique to our facility...
how to get the word across?    i could not figure how to run a video during the meeting... so i will do my best to try and have you  understand the video which shows bella ( then age 13?) going down the stairs at teh science museum  in boston.

2021 4 12


the fact that Bella is there in the first place is remarkable .. she is on her feet walking instead of being a sack of potatoes in a wheelchair .she is at the top of the stairs with her sister and George .she's very involved with talking to her sister and reaching for the handrail well the other hand is on George's harness the leash and collar or hanging I make these leashes 24 inches so they don't touch the floor because I know these kids drop him they don't need them .she as she talks to her sister she all of a sudden moves 1 foot and George's head whips around and he sees it and he's ready she starts down the stairs and he very carefully matches it one step at a time ... they do about 3 steps and he makes a mistake of getting one step ahead of her and his head whips around almost apologeticly and thanks on my word I must pay better attention which he then does and he waits to get that next step going and he matches her every movement including when she hesitates with one foot in the air so does he then they get to the bottom and she relaxes and walks off with George supporting her .


if there is anyone in Ipswich who can train a dog to that degree I certainly would love to have them as a volunteer or employee ..  but as far as I know there's no one running a doggy daycare that has any idea of where to start ..

and I can tell you where to start or exactly where we start with a photograph of me spoonfeeding some puppies who are all about seven weeks old all sitting perfectly in a circle around me waiting for their next spoonful there is no excitement----- there is concentration ----  they're saying OK I'm ready what's happening ....I'm paying attention and this is what's necessary to start a service dog at least in my book -----the picture of me spoon feeding them is on the cover of the book which I can't even remember the name of but I wrote if it's under it's under Amazon with my name at least ------I think the picture shows the dog's paying attention with the exception of 1 white dog sitting off to the left the reason that dog is not paying attention is that dog is deaf--- being a white Great Dane many of the whites  are deaf but she too is well under control .. I should not use that word control she's very relaxed and joined the group ..  you might note that the dog I'm actually spoon feeding is George the dog at the top of the stairs with Bella .

that's how we start them and that started at three weeks old ..  so the question then is is there anybody in town with a bunch of puppies who can get this kind of concentration well before 7 weeks .. and that photo does not lie .. because we have hundreds of photos with many of the different handlers and trainers who work here and volunteer here with all kinds of litters of puppies------ it is expected progress .

and as we proceed with----- never using our muscles to control a dog----- there are all sorts of little ***** things we do just to make things easier as life goes on as a service dog ... simple things like we do not use cookies for 99% of our training because once they start thinking of cookies they are not thinking of how to go down a flight of stairs we don't even carry cookies except for one place ...and this too illustrates just one of the details that we go through ------when a dog jumps in a car either the back seat or most usually the hatchback in our case---- they had those long tails .. so instead of pushing and shoving the dog around to get the tail out of the way ---what we simply do is get them used to having a cookie so they jump in and turn around to get a cookie this is a habit they get into which is wonderful because the cookie is at the other end of the tail problem and it gets the tail out of the way .. that is just one tiny thing but it's critical to a any  dog . plan ahead...


now to hopefully have more people come here and understand what's going on and maybe learn a little bit about the way we train ---  I am here 365 days a year .. and I will try and be sitting in the yard at 10:00 o'clock every morning ready to drink coffee and discuss training or discuss anything else anybody wants to discuss---- if I'm not going to be here at 10:00 o'clock I will try and publish that in this daily doggy------ if any of you want to come here preferably at least without your dog to start with ----I'm happy so sit around for half an hour at least and drink coffee and if I can solve anybody's training problems I'm happy to do it ..the only reason I call myself a trainer is because I have well trained dogs .. I also have several that are  NOT quite well trained yet which is why I don't think you should bring your own dog at least to start with or until I get some of my half grown puppies under some order..... my older dogs are fine but I do have 3 teenagers who really are a bit much still although to compare those three to  the two dogs that we have here at the moment which were given to us and  not raised by us with our methods the difference is astronomical ----- we have a system that works and if it works don't fix it until you prove that you have some other idea that makes a better service dog ..

I am thrilled to talk about the different concepts ----I love a good argument and I'm I'm certainly open to learning any any new concepts that work but don't compare me to a doggy daycare where they shove him in a kennel ..  our dogs are given as much choice as possible so they can choose to be with us and work for us and don't need to get dragged around buy a collar and a 6 foot leash .

 if any of our  training dogs that are on leash pull on that leash  in any way you will hear me try and correct it we must not use our muscles because very often the people getting our dogs don't have all the muscles they're supposed to


so check with the daily doggy be sure I'm here and then come up and see what's going on --10' cov rule applies here.   there is room....  you may walk into situations here that are functioning beautifully but you may also walk into situations that are in horrendous disarray

 it does happen you takes us as you finds us but it does all  work in the long run


I am an expert in only one other thing -- and that is making monkey fists which I make from zipper poles at about an inch diameter to an absolutely useless monkey fist probably 15 inches in diameter involving hundreds of feet of rope and all sizes in between I'm happy to show anybody how to do it -----it's fascinating and the one inch ones are very handy and they do have 1/2 inch marble in the middle .use that as a zipper pole so when you think you've lost your marbles you have one left ..

Sunday, April 11, 2021

apr 11 2021

 CHOICE--BIG WORD OF THE DAY....  anxious to please you without the subservient factor 

2021 4 11


WE start with very new puppies the try and handle them as little as possible maybe giving them a shove from the rear to get their nose on a ****** on the first day but after that we have a rule around here you don't pick up a puppy---- if they want to climb in your lap that's fine but you must not pick them up and put them there except under extreme situations---- which I can't think of any at the moment ---well one when we finally picked them up and put them individually at a dish of food when they first are learning to drink out of a bowl ---yes that's picking them up--- but you don't pick him up just because you want to pick up a puppy

********* because if you have to use your muscles to control the dog then technically the dog wants to do something besides what you want it to do*******

 this may be very complicated but what you really want to do in the Super dog training world is to convince the dog that they really want to do whatever it was you wanted to do in the first place ..


let's have a go at the typical obedience trained dog--- heel sit stay down come--- certainly knowing those commands makes for a much better dog then one that doesn't know any of them -----but as I've said many times if I tell a service dog to lie down and he stands and looks at me he's basically saying "do you really want me to lay down which I will do but I would prefer to stand up I won't go anywhere I'll stay in right here but the floor is cold or wet or smelly and I would prefer to stand "-----all that conversation goes on with the dog ---but  WITH the obedience trained dog it's a question of “shut up and lie down” .I think you'd call it dominance many people when they hear that we have a service dog and the service dogs are well trained stick their finger in front of the dog and say sit .   an obedience trained dog would sit-----  my dogs look at the person like they're out of their mind "why would I want to sit there there doesn't seem to be  a  particular reason to" and Furthermore if they sit at all the person holding on to their harness may fall down....    so generic sitting is not encouraged ----   when they don't sit the person with the finger sticking out will often say "I thought you said he was trained".  which I find extremely insulting .  however. I have a fairly sane and sober friend who after 50 years of dog ownership was thrilled to show me  she could stand with a cookie and say "sit" and the dog would. .. Having them come with their called is certainly a critical thing but there are times when you will still get the same comment from the dog “do you want me to come now “ IN WHICH  case you say "yes get over HERE..”

it is very impressive to see a German Shepherd dogs snap to attention and trot very obediently along at your side but you can't live with that kind of stuff for 24 hours a day so that to be a service dog and be on duty when you need to be you have to be able to relax and be anxious to please you without the subservient factor .  I have seen so many obedience trainers -----I use that word loosely----too closely resemble a drill Sergeant ..  as opposed to a dog who's basically on duty 24 hours a day then responding just a little bit slower more comfortably so they last a little longer


then there's the topic of calling people a trainer can buy a sign--- put it up that says trainer but the only way I would judge a trainer is if they have a well behaved dog and a happy dog .---- .in this town I see an awful lot of unhappy dogs getting dragged around on a 6 foot leash--- I don't think Ipswich has a dog park ---they have great forests which is wonderful if you can turn your dog loose and they're well behaved enough to come back and not chase the deer ---but there is no fenced in  dog park that I know of .. I know the town of Beverly has one that everybody loves it's set up for small dogs and big dogs to relax and run the fact that they put it in a very obscur place sort of behind some used car broken down car parts lot right by the airport is upsetting because dog owners pay taxes too ----  and now that the country is finally deciding the dogs do an awful lot for an awful lot of people,   it seems to me any town that has a leash law ought to have a fenced in dog park with nice chairs little bit of Flowers or something dress it up so thatt  you're not throwing these dogs in the back of some junkyard ---- these are part of the families and they deserve much more respect and they deserve to be able to make a few choices of their own and not being totally dependent on the collar around his neck


So what I'm now trying to do at 10:00 o'clock this morning every day since it got warm enough is to be in the yard at 10:00 o'clock anybody wants to come and learn about service dog trading or my other capability in life which is making monkey fists I'm happy to sit out there at 10:00 o'clock drink coffee and talk about either one but I do think there's an awful lot of people in Ipswich which first of all don't know what a train dog is or how to get him there and I'm happy to share whatever I know or don't know and Lord knows that a lot of THE DON’T KNOW PART.

that picture of bentley trotting down the road..... illustrates an educated dog-- i am totally comfortable with  his being on the road-- no leash or collar ---- it was taken  without my being there.. by 2 people i gave him to for the week of breeding reese....  who volunteer here regularly but i never took them aside and taught them bentley's commands.... he doesn't have any.. but i knew if they just talked to him, he woudl figure out what they wanted.... and... by the picture.. he was doin' fine.


got to give a plud to   DOYLE PLUMBING.  SUPER NICE --BEAUTIFUL JOB-  complicated job ---well done.. no confusion..


Kringle and I are doing some fundraising for SDP in form of a virtual triathlon.  Yesterday we did the 1.5 mile walk/run in 25.57 seconds.  In the next two weeks we will complete the swim and biking while trying to raise money for SDP.  My goal was to raise 1000 dollars but on the first leg, Kringle and I raised 805 dollars.  Not too shabby.  Attached are the flyer and photo.  I am wearing my brain aneurysm warrior shirt.  Because Kringle and I are unbreakable.  Thank you SDP.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

APRIL 10 2021


2021 4 10


Way back when we bought this place I say we because there were two lots adjacent my husband bought 1 and I bought the other because I didn't want to be hampered by what he thought I should be building or whatever and that's how we ended up with the house being on #37 boxford Rd and the barn technically is on #45 .. but the story goes on from there if we had done what I originally planned our main driveway would have been #45 which was sort of at ground level and wound in through the flatfield to the house and we would not have had a driveway at #37 way back when I considered the way things were really going to work to come in at #45 I would have had to cut down a big tree to get in with the 53 foot horse trailer Ed in general to have trucks have access hey drugs and you know big things and at that time neighbor Robin pleaded meet with me not to cut that tree down because it was right beside a Bush that somebody had given them for their wedding and it was her favorite Bush and that was going to have to go to and I could see it was a problem so we decided or it was decided that we would bulldoze our way in number 37 which involved to the delight of the contractor being able to remove part of a Hill ..

because I am reminded of the old farmer story about the developer who offers a farmer $10,000 for field and the farmer says you come round with the wheel barrel and I'll give you $10,000 worth .. dirt is critical and there's not enough of the right dirt in the right place .. so therefore a truckload of dirt is expensive buying it or selling it...... I do know that the guy who bulldoze my driveway offered to put up our house for nothing if we let him make the whole place flat ...


.. now my other story here is I once KNEW  a big Hill WHICH BElong S.  to a horsey family .. who then quite logically wanted to put in a flat RIDING  field for dress saj or whatever ..  and they then hired someone to make it flat .. and the next thing I know the Hill was gone what they sold that dirt for I do not know.  BUT.  MASSIVE COMES TO MIND.  THEY THEN CLEVERLY OFFERED THE FLAT AREA TO LOCAL RESIDENTS WHO WERE having trouble storing manure because towns were getting antsy  about manure piles so we all would truck are manure over there and dump it in this field where it's at for about two years and the next thing we need all the field got rented out to the guy who raises corn now all nicely fertilized and full of topsoil .. it was really a less than plan ahead .. actually that's the field where if you look back on my daily doggy they called me to say they were about to plow that field under and there was an awful lot of corn still left on us under stocks and we were welcomed to it so a bunch of service dog people went there and I literally drove through the stalks of corn


Friday, April 9, 2021

april 4 9

gwen just planted my computer on. discovery plus.  

2021 4 9


An amazing collection of stuff for $7.00 a month with no it no commercials ----the whole thing includes the old mythbusters shows that I love to watch and at the moment it beats watching anything on the news ---I've had it

the other thing I've got to pass along this morning is the mother bear crossing the road in Winchester CT there are a lot of bears crossing the road but this is a mother bear with four Cubs and a line of traffic and she she goes across with one and they goes to get another and they follow her back and it really is very comical apparently there is one of these versions of it has some Scottish woman offering a dialogue with the movie which I haven't found yet but it's pretty funny even without the dialogue as the puppies stop puppy's the Cubs follow her back and forth across the road while she tries to get him all in one spot which they eventually do .


other than that

the temperature on Reese did not drop it was a malfunctioning thermometer so we haven't had the temperature drop yet so we're not looking for puppies in the next 24 hours but I do think we're not too far away she is beginning to bulk out


I do have a note that camera person Jan gerhald is in the hospital so we will be minus her words of wisdom for the day she sends out her poop pickers


Also discovered that the wireless mouse that I have which hooks up to the computer with a funny little half inch cubic thing in the back also was responsible for the keyboard which was on the shelf so that may explain why so many times things didn't make any sense because every time anybody moves things on the shelf that hit the keyboard it was controlling etc I don't like wireless you don't know who it's talking to .


That ad for being a good adoptive parents was just on the television and right after it was that one second ad for new genics probably--- the two black jars next to each other ---- gwen is sitting watching that she said she doesn't see that in North Carolina she doesn't see the ad for the adoptive parents and I see that Add all the time both on CNN and Fox News and it just seems like it's on every 10 minutes or so I cannot imagine what they're doing and it's never for this not always for the same thing I did see one the other day that said timeshares I don't know what else it said 'cause I don't read that fast but it's a very peculiar thing  also there is another add besides the adopt A kid lead in  one...  just happened again. "flawless skin". 

..there is another  one of these  leading to a flashing by commercials I haven't seen that enough to remember the whole thing but if everybody would watch it and see whether we get a line on why they're doing it

 which ads lead in that way be interesting to know ----least I'd be interested to know


Lynn will be picking up today a rototiller at Home Depot using the gift card someone gave me to pay for most of it because we have to get the puppy pen ready and seed will take a while. even the fast growing.

 I have some camera people working on the design of the whole project which hopefully is going to include a small teepee as a shade place with shade for the puppies and this will be right outside the tent so it will be on camera ..

 the next exciting camera thing is I think someone is coming today to put in a new  camera for the camera that died so you will be able to see in the yolk house in driveway and a few other things .


and that's all I know-- 

short doggie


Thursday, April 8, 2021

apr 8 2021

 from the mass farm bureau....

 goats to go????? georgetown. ma???  alan??? i know them !! "draft horse people...."  really nice folk.. that helped me with the project of rebuiolding the barn that burned down in saugus 100 years there is a new story...
100 years ago. i was up at 4am.. as i am today.. and on the news came a story of a barn in saugus that was burning.   horses running all over saugus..--  wellll.....
as a 4h leader with a bunch of kids who constantly had loose horses...... i am a pretty good expert at loose horses... so i grabbed a metal bucket of grain.  and a handful of halters and leads  and went to saugus to help 

2021 04 7


It was a terrible fire.. the lucky horses were loose... but a few did not get out. .. I helped  catch and tie them to trees..  when things quieted down... I realized these people now had some horses and no hay/grain/ buckets etc  - so I went home and loaded the truck with bales of a\hay and a bag of grain to get them covered for the moment.

When I made the u-turn to get to their street, I looped thru home depot...  parking lot....  Wait a minute---- I it was not my normal Home Depot but I do know  them as relatively friendly ----so I went in an asked for the manager--- a guy named Rick Flynn and I told him abut a barn up the street had just burned down and wasn't there anything Home Depot could do to help the situation out  like maybe give them a truckload of two by fours and then I left because I had to get the hay up to the barn---- I told him I'd be back---- so I dropped the hay off and they were beginning to cope with  horses tide to trees ------by the way this was the barn where the carriage horses from Boston were kept at night and several did survive ...

so I went back to see Mr Flynn and he had gotten the idea that Home Depot has some community helping whatever and maybe if I could get organized he could get 100 people to help rebuild the barn .. so I started thinking .. there was a guy that lived next to Gwen my daughter in Ipswich who owned a hot dog and sausage company---- I wish I could remember the name it gave his company a plug ---hot dogs at any rate I called him and asked if he could provide cases of hot dogs so  I could feed  all these Home Depot people wanna spend a Saturday helping to start this barn ------he got into the swing of things and said he had a truck that he could send that had a grill and all that stuff including rollson paper towels and stuff and he thought that would be a good opportunity for his people to help and his truck was refrigerated which was nice so it began to go together ------now the barn was up at the end of a very narrow road and long driveway and I thought if we have people coming to help they're gonna have to park about 3 miles away and then walk up the road.       how dull  ..  so I called the Yankee draft horse Association guy by the name of Alan to see if we couldn't get a bunch of draft horses to pull hay wagons to get people up the road to help build the barn .and Alan was very helpful and these people never thought anything  of putting 2 draft horses at about a ton  each. and aand driving to some fair and riding around in circles ..  so I invited them to the barbecue at thebarn  building .. well from there that friend dida.. of mine was very friendly with Rex trailer who was Boston's cowboy it had a morning show which all the kids watched a Boomtown .. he was basically retired but dide had an old horse of mine that he occasionally rode in parades so we got ahold of Rex who was very nice---a  nice man and he was thrilled to lead the wagon train up to the barn with all these people from Home Depot  ---    I have pictures of Janine dragging lumber around.. my husband and friends provided the medical.  And the fire dept sent an ambulance .. it was a huge went together very nicely and Home Depot delivered a lot of lumber some of it  odd shaped or whatever that was sort of extra we got couple truckloads of things two by  threes another and perfectly usable stuff so in the course of that one day we got an awful lot of that barn up the walls particularly with the help of the carpenters union in guy who thankfully was the only one who knew  what on earth we were doing .. It was that Carpenter guy who taught me about leveling a building with a siphon hose because this was a really big big building it was 150 feet long---- I was in on the design of the construction which was done at a picnic table in the backyard as we tried to figure out how to hold up the hayloft with all these odd bits of lumber we had's still there today..  


the fire had been started by the space heater in an adjacent garage it took the best part of another month to finally get the roof on .. and after that first day with the party I really didn't have much to do with it although they gave me a great thank thank you party for having gotten the whole thing going I think maybe I'm good at getting things going and then bugging out of the details .

the parties were great but I got to know Alan then then maybe it's time for me to go introduce myself to Alan again and see if he can come down with his goats to go project what is they are interesting people they used to run a hay ride through their farm on Halloween night with people jumping out of trees and screaming and yelling and things so they are creative

we  need more of those


I do have somewhere a vhs tape of the barn building. Nicely done by rex trailer’s video company..  i should find it......

How nice it was to have a bunch of people having a "blast" helping people. with one goal—barn building !!

ben and our dog.. from  "bens bones" dog bisket comapny

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

april 7 2021



2021 4 7
I may as well bash on so you people know how this place does function now if that dog in kennel 4 had diarrhea it would be critical to match it up with the name of the dog and then transpose that until what is the daily schedule of training kept out of blackboard in the barn so they know if they're going to take the dog out that may be the market basket or Costco would be a bad choice they're better off practicing stairs outside say in the town Hall afterwhich they grab a poo picker edit scratch some notes about what dog went where with WHOM and what are two words like stairs with a big plus after it .. or stairs with a negative meaning g at he needs more practice on stairs .. these two poo pickers are gathered at the punch in Clock and Donna picks him up and types in the three bits of information the dog the trainer the dates where they went and the words and that gets shuffled on to a yearly file which can be sorted by the day the week the anything so that I can see how many dogs are getting out on a Thursday for the last month or is this dog ready to go because all the comments in the back end have the word perfect next to it and that is pretty much the loop of who does what where when how and why .. personally I think it's pretty efficient because it functions it allows me to collect the information  we all need to run this joint.. even to the point of what trainer is going where for training and kind of compare that to the gas consumption which we have on a bill car by car .. how many dogs other trainers getting out on a daily basis and why did ex trainer only take out three dogs that day when you read the Pooh picker it says they got stuck at the hospital because the dog wouldn't get back in the car for an hour there's all sorts of information you find out which is critical ..not that I look at everything all the time but it's there if I have a question which is what I now have on this noise problem with the neighbors ..

for all of you who would like to tiptoe through the scientifique world   if you Google sound and distance you'll get more than you need to know --  but the one that's very easy to understand oh heck what's the name of it now   distance attenuation Calculator   in purple  you can then tiptoe through the decibel levels and there are many very colorful charts that we explained when something is faint ,conversational , or loud –
If only the rest of this world would take a few minutes to look at that it might have saved us four  years of trying to figure out if I was a farm if I was not a farm or if it was a farm with dogs or whether I'm just a kettle with donkeys and chickens and emus well I don't have emus anymore I did have emus they should have developed that place when I had the emus and everything else . at one point I had 150 animals here which ones that I was using her had been used  for commercials movies whatever .. I always figured if I used an animal in a commercial I owed it something so generally I kept it or gave it away or something the only one I did not keep was the box of cockroaches that we used for the movie the next karate kid ...the movie called for cockroaches and a praying mantis now that's a good  story ..

the cockroaches were easily found by my son in law in some restaurant in Gloucester ---I had a shoebox of them ..and I had a few corsage boxes with the great monstrous cockroaches that people seem to keep as pets ----I've forgotten the exact name but there were inch long type--- it was the praying mantis that gave me the problem because it was the time of year when Massachusetts didn't have praying mantasis.  Africa did it was in the other hemisphere  I don't know we were just all wrong and I ended up calling people at University of Massachusetts the bug Department and with great effort we found a bug Department in Africa somewhere who had praying mantises and would ship me one in some flight that came from there to Boston on a Wednesday I remember that part so----  I had one pragmatics for this movie and they wanted several shots of it in a hay field in in grotten yes it was grotten I then went to ***** sporting goods and bought about 10 fishing Nets with a fairly tight weave we're picking up little fish is and I gave one of those to everybody I'm not sad in that hay field and I was absolutely terrified that we would lose that praying mantis because they always want to do 47 takes of the same shot and that was the only pragmata's I had ..the shot with the cockroach was a lot simpler that was done at cranes beach cranes Castle it was a low table supposed to be a monks living quarters where they wanted the cockroach to run up the center of the table I don't know where I got this idea but I took some lemon juice and just wiped down the center of the table and the cockroach ran up to that lemon juice and then turned left and rent right up the center of the table just as nice as could be -----and everybody thought I was a genius but I really did not have a  clue what I was doing but it worked----- that was done with the big cockroaches which I then put back in the corsage box and returned to their owners--- but the shoebox full of cockroaches I was afraid to even put him in my car again so I put them in the middle of the parking lot and set fire to them  but anything else that I had whether it was a random mouse or anything else got turned loose in the forest or wherever but that's one reason I ended up with so many animals here -----I had I had pigeons and rabbits and I had all kinds of stuff including emus at one point ---I don't like those 
.so much for the day I'll go back to work now .

where are these stored???? we have hundreds and every. one is PERFECT. ....HELP......


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

april 6 2021

 welllllll......... i must admit i was pleased with 2 of the board.. who seemed open minded and willing to think, 

even if the rest were stuck on bowel movements. and totally missed the part of sdp where the dogs are
given the choice to choose -----"we do not use our muscles to control our dogs".
 totally lost.. grab them and stick them in a crate like all the other kennels in town do.

when someone finally said "do you have any intention of changing what you do?"
  i had to say  "if it benefits our dogs or training , i would love it.... otherwise... no." 

if you move  to ipswich and find out the commuter train runs at 5am,
 do you have the right to ask everyone to walk  to boston so you can sleep late?

thank you all from joining the meeting ... or trying to ..
 don ( our lawyer) thought there was a bigger zoom than 300.
result? i did not hear one member address the problem of sound and distance
and they clearly said at the start no discussion of any good deeds...
they should have said " we will only discuss  sound and distance'.
 because what happened was i had a lecture on how to raise a junk yard dog.

staci.  ( conn... ?vt?) got a word  or two in before they cut her off... 
and i did hear teh words "new jersey" as someone said "oh shlt"

i dunno... i have a couple calls to make today

i have been the "farm not a farm"  road too long...
it has forced me to study a few things....
 namely..... there are days/ nights -- maybe every 6 weeks... where they get barking...
thanks to lynne i was able to match up some  complaint calls to her minute b y minute list of every squeek or bark.. 

2021 4 6


And in everyone the donkeys are involved praying not praying braying doesn't sound like much but donkeys are used in herds of sheep to alert shepherds to Wolves and coyotes light in danger their flock .. in the hundreds of nightly reports that I've had from Lynn that's Lynne the donkeys are quiet except one of these nights when they pray and the dogs have a serious barking episode . it seems to me that the donkeys are the key to why these dogs bark because ordinarily the great Danes are lazy and they just sleep as is listed very carefully in all these reports that Lynn has done everything is quiet most of the time you have a single bark here there but that's it and then a night comes along well the donkeys Bray and the barking starts in and the owl squeaks a lot of other things happen including a plane flying over but I think it's the donkeys braying that needs much more investigation I wish there was somebody here to go through all that and really get the statistic down Pat .. because right at the moment I've had my fill in statistics ..


I've been so busy with this but I haven't had  time for any out of box experiences

stay tuned and thank you for all your kind words and support

Monday, April 5, 2021

apr 5 2021

heck... "if it ain't ants, it's fleas" ....  always something.
2021 4 5

And right now it's ants. on my desk.  ...I don't want to be a pessimist but the seasons of New England go from Blizzard to.  mud   to  bugs  to falling leaves... .. How's that for negativity on a Monday morning ..  So in an effort to pick it up a bit I'd like to start a discussion on using  chickens  as in training dogs with chickens..... I've had this discussion before about raising chickens and how when you started with baby chickens two days old it's a pain in the neck try to keep them warm and things ..but what happens right now as of yesterday is----- an  awful lot of places offered baby chickens then people brought them home for their children to look at and do nothing else which is disgraceful .. but there are some that will survive to be full size  pet chickens without a real home -----it was one thing when they were 4 inches tall and another thing 1/2 of them turned out to be Roosters at about a foot tall and they begin to argue with each other and chased the family around .


So people who have farms and there are not too many ---are inclined to find an extra chicken or two in their group ..these will be the chickens that were sold one or two at a time as Easter pets /

now if anybody had any sense most of them live in  a place well there's plenty of room to have at least a hen or two .. and along with educating the children you get eggs far fresher than anything that ever made it to a  supermarket.     (I suppose right here I should put a reminder in it about the weird dates on the end of the egg cartons I forgot what it's called except  January 1 is 001 and it goes to 365 .. or 4 .)

not only would you get aand egg or two ,  but since our chickens escaped the fence and wandered around the whole place I have not picked a tick of f  me  or the dogs since they been out----------- and I must admit those crazy Guinea hens which I find delightful marching around the place pretty much together taking a vote on what they're going to do next,    I don't think there's a tick on the property if you could put up with the noise but I don't find that bad being  nearly deaf I don't find any noise particularly bad .. I have made a study of Guinea hen noise and other things .by carrying around the audio meter that was given to me buy audio technologies ----it's great fun ----so we must have at least 30 chickens roaming around occasionally getting chased by dogs but  not if I'm around ---    and in that group there are four Roosters and Janine tells me I'm about to get a fifth one -----why people don't officially set up a little chicken coop and have their children joined the 4H club and give them a purpose in life aside from trying to play by themselves it a paved driveway .

 There we go---I am a huge fan of the 4H  process of trying to teach children responsibility and also where our food comes from there are not only 4H horse clubs  but tomato growing. or chicken groups  ..

but sometimes it's hard to know where to start and I would certainly start with the topsfield fairgrounds office I bet they know everybody .

there used to be a huge rabbit group ..  whose rabbits I would borrow to do commercials and things like the one with Pat paulsen at 100 rabbits ...


I  do not think there's anything wrong with the rooster chasing people ?   we had one for years----- nasty thing lived in the door of our barn and demanded total respect from all these kids that were at that age sumwhere  between 5 and 12 years old------ I think a chapter on the nasty rooster in janine's book of dog donkeys and circus performers---   we had a bunch of dogs a bunch of kids ...chickens ...  and everybody ate out of a wash tub full of purina dog food which was  at the door the barn-  mr rooster guarded that tu b. ----- every once in awhile somebody would get bitten ---little hydrogen peroxide in a band aid ---go on with life all those kids are fine and healthy and 50 now .


ll this is going into training. I have to be so careful that someone can pull out a sound bite and distort  this discussion


The use of a wiffle bat in training most always be done under extremely controlled situations preferably set up ahead of time so the dog gets  himself into a position where there is no doubt he's doing something he is not supposed to and the wiffle bat being very light plastic makes a whale of a noise -- mostly by striking the ground around the chickens but if the dog is so intense on killing those chickens it is perfectly acceptable to make the same noise against his nose if he persists .... in this process you don't say a word because you don't want the dog to think that you were controlling the situation you want him to think the wiffle bat did it or the chickens  --------done correctly this dog will go nowhere is near the chicken crate if you just set the wiffle bat on top of it because the dog will figure that the wiffle bat did it .


If you are sensitive about the wiffle bat ------a water bottle with a few pennies in it will do exactly the same thing except you can't really control that as well and who carries around 6 or 8 bottles with pennies in them----- so in a  controled  situation this iis acceptable in my opinion... 

Yesterday as they were collecting the chickens to take over to the arena one of the dogs got loose and was absolutely insanely fascinated with the fact of the chickens we're not happy about being in the crate and squawking ----this in the real world of dog training is called prey drive now.... the two people wah handling the crate tried to push the dog away from the crate  .  “ using your muscles to control the dog”. useless.   ---- there was no way the two people could keep one dog away from  crate ....  ????where's the wiffle bat ?-----the wiffle bat being very light plastic it's very noisy and  usually it is used to hit the floor, chain link,, car fender,,,golf cart.. anything to startle the dog .... \ that dog came in and put his nose right next to the crate I took a swipe at the nose sideways and the dog backed up and thought “oh I did not see that coming, I better pay attention better...”   he might do that one more time,, but dogs do not like being surprised.. He would never have learned a thing by trying to push him back by hand or pulling him back on a leash but if he thinks that getting near that crate is gonna give him a smack on his  nose he  stop and think about it and that's a good thing


Same tech as I am trying at the electric gate.. when that bell peeps to signify that the gate is opening piglet AKA Mac has learned to make a beeline for it so my technique is now to get myself a wiffle bat and sit in the car near the gate and when it opens and he comes running I jump around and scream and yell and hit the ground with a bat and him if he comes anywhere near the gate but he's learned maybe he should back up and stay away from it and I I haven't I haven't hit him with it one saves that as a possibility because for him to get out the gate and get on the street he could get killed so he's got to learn and the wiffle bat doesn't hurt anything as long as it's used as a means of explaining something to him .

I then hold the whiffle bt quietly at my sie and join him on th hill with patting... so maybe he thinks getting near that gate makes the whiffle bat go nutty... not my fault,


There is a very delicate line between not saying anything and having him think the bat did it and jumping around screaming yelling making noise and hitting the ground with the bat because the result you want is to be able to say the dogs name and have the dog say oh I better pay attention to something

As I said at the beginning the use of that wiffle bat has to be under strictly controlled situations because it has to be instantaneous or it's totally useless .

it's timing---- and-----if you ain't got it don't try it .. 

guess who?

Sunday, April 4, 2021

APR 4 2021

 onfusing...... yesterday i looked up the czech pups -- and i noted a strange color merle in her notes-- now today in looking again .. iit must be a different photo of abrus star... who if you go look... i have said how her dogs look like chaos... he is that... even to the one black leg.----- that was not the photo i sqw before ... somewhere. i see where they have frozen sperm from him....... making me think maybe we would be better trying to use frozen semen... even tho i have never had any success with ai

let me tell you..... :)
21 4 4
From my library of sperm stories I think the oldest one would be from the BMW kennel in Long Island.      after Lynn Cashman had given me a Great Dane or two out of the dog pound I decided to buy a nice female dog and maybe raise a litter or so.    but in looking around all the kennels I looked at in New England always bragged about the amount of BMW bloodlines they had in there puppies so I decided I better go and see what does BMW kenel was all about.... it was owned by laura ... Who in her business life both she and her mother we're architects for building buildings in/ around Manhattan ---- they were impressive as were her dogs .. Laura explained that her dogs had a lot of European bloodlines in them because she had a special deal with the pilot out of Kennedy airport who put a vial of sperm in his shirt pocket in frqankfurt.... and then she would impregnate the dogs in the ladies room of the Kennedy airport -----this apparently is a true story .. and then she would ship sperm back to Europe it his pocket going the other way .

artificial insemination is well established .. then.....
 there was the older woman about a mile from here whose way of keeping her arthritis in her hands under control was to have three milking goats which had to be milked twice a day and she gave us the milk twice a day for our puppies -----she was a quilter also needing agile hands---- in showing me her quilts which were gorgeous I noticed a huge stainless steel tank in her bedroom -----about 3 foot by three foo----  when I asked her and she said that's where she kept the frozen sperm to impregnate her goats .. which were also beautiful nubian goats--- she then donated the kids to the heifer project in Africa .. she was a character and did everything very well including give us or goats milk
 so artificial insemination does work for some 

.and then there's us I decided if Laura did it we ought to be able to and I got ahold of Mr tiefenbach in Germany a guy who'd my I'd met who had some lovely blue Danes somewhere along the line I'd acquired a blue female ..and he was to send me the sperm.
well the way this goes if you draw the sperm on a Tuesday at a university to verify the donor.....and get it frozen and packaged on a Wednesday shipped Thursday overnight by FedEx and I should have had it Friday or Saturday frozen ..well turned out that Thursday night it arrived in Paris airport in time for everybody to take off for the holiday so that the plane it was supposed to get out at midnight didn't go so it' sat there till Saturday and Sunday when they finally got it on the plane and I had it on Monday ...... 

 well I didn't have it on Monday it landed in the FedEx whatever it is in Memphis------
 now getting a puppy from Europe the puppy lands with paperwork attached you pick up the paperwork you run to the nearest customs with a stamp .. you go back and they give you the dog no big deal---------- why I had to have The US Department of Agriculture person sign in this frozen sperm I do not know ----but even though FedEx main hub for international shipments was Memphis ------the nearest FedEx person was somewhere else about two hours away and they don't really seem to be in any hurry in spite of the fact I was beginning to study liquid nitrogen to see how long it lasted ...because this vial of sperm in straw's was packed in a stainless steel container about 3 foot tall and only about 18 inches around for nine straws so by the time the Department of Agriculture signed in this thing and they got it on the next plane for Boston I didn't get it till Tuesday ...and thankfully it was still frozen

however all of this had been planned to inseminate the female the previous Friday .. and regardless of U.S. Department of agriculture rules Mother Nature cycled the female out of heat or at least probably out of heat certainly it wasn't looking hopeful but I went to see George with my 3 foot tall stainless steel container with the straws and he had he done this before and we knew that females are inclined to conceive toward the end of their heat cycle ---- we pulled out a straw---- shut the lid put a drop under the microscope and they were all swimmers in there .so it was looking good George put the pipet at where he thought the pipet aught to go and ( we waited 30 days for ultrasound which didn't show anything).  But that left me In George's office that day with eight other straws of sperm in a 3 foot tall tank which needed to be rejuvenated somehow with liquid nitrogen .....

not having any idea what I was doing I called my old woman probably younger than I now AM and asked her how she gets her tank filled was so big I they must have come there to fill it in her bedroom  she gave me the name in Amesbury so from George's office I went flying up route 95 with my still cold 8 straws in this stainless steel container and they filled it with absolutely no trouble something like $4.18 .. so now I have eight straws all frozen ready for the female and nobody in heat so I found out they have places that store these things besides in this elderly woman's bedroom ..
unfortunately they were in California but that still is ---to me --- only just as far as the nearest FedEx Office so I kiss my container goodbye and life went on for a couple of years ..$43 per year to store one tank.

then Opal came in heat----- and after talking to George we decided I should take my sperm 2 the New England expert vet in putting sperm in dogs .. contacted him and we started taking blood samples or urine samples or something --- I forget---- to track opal's LH surge ---which would indicate when to put the sperm into Opal -------this involved two trips to Rhode Island with Opal in heat and he surgically implanted our 8 straws .. and we waited and at 30 days tried the ultrasound and there were none .so much for my frozen sperm Department...

the the next story is a result of the fact that we became fascinated with having swimmers (all be it one headed swimmers that were very active etc ) and we have a microscope to that effect for that the next time we were breeding a dog I forget her name ----a funny funny person and RN .. she was in the laundry building supervising the action and managed the catch a drop or two in a syringe when the honeymoon was over so she stuck it in her armpit it came running up the driveway screaming "I got some"  
we  stuck it under the microscope they were all one headed swimmers--- a lot of them.  and we had puppies---- the drop that she gotten was just for. seeing what they look lik

Conclusion? at placing sperm.. dogs are better at it than vets.----I've never had a successful AI and I have not had many or any failures of a natural breeding so why try with this Czechoslovakia dog?  We really could use that bloodline just to stay very diverse and it might be an interesting experiment if we can locate a proper female and to hell with germany and their rabies laws.
so much for the lesson of the day
this email is what started me checking.  and... sir richard has not yet achieved "fatherhood" 





Saturday, April 3, 2021

apr 3 2021

 sold out. chicken bricks. .. best phone call i could get-- and love to have it even if it is 2:00 am.  with a new litter due... ???this week??? we need to get focused again/

we are going great guns... hopefully on track for the next litter.. and one after that.  if there is anything i have learned, it is to count on the unexpected...
so i am still on pins and needles. but i did learn alot more about sound yesterday from the guy you all worried about on donkey hill. very interesting...
the laws of physics still hold.  we also learned an awful lot of other facts. the "report" is due monday. or alot of it. he was into gps guessing.
i am anxious to get back to worrying about puppies and training.  

in addition... that woman in czech who has teh ----CLAUDIA BOHEMICA---- dogs that look like chaos is expecting a litter. verified by ultrasound.. so we will start again with czech and germany and rabies, and size of cargo doors-- or maybe judy's ability to fly to copenhagan and back in 24 hours... we really could use anotehr female or two in our breeding stock.. go google  but please do nto communicate with her... it is tough enough with she and i all tangled in words with very few vowels,
Hello Carlene, 
  thank you for your interest in a puppy from our kennel Claudia Bohemica. Now I inform you that we have a confirmed pregnancy with ultrasound. The puppies will be born on May 15th.  After the birth I will inform you about the details and the father of the puppies. Best Regards Marika
More info ( price , transport etc.): 

Best Regards
Marika Cibulkova
 great danes kennel
FB : Claudia Bohemica

father is a little strange color wise... but depending on his genetic makeup. he could produce 50% merle pups... we like merles. we are pretty tired of black.
that whole problem should entertain you for hours...  and translate some of those breeding ratios...skvmita????? cerna ??? bile znaky???? any help???

then get at the german regs with rabies.. i think the problems is they must be vac for rabies.. which can not happen til 12 weeks...
 but throw in to that, the" unless" clause.. about coming from a rabies free c ountry. which. think czech is ---- lotta reading to do... have at it,
 don't just give me the reference.. boil it down for me.

 we know petair well in frankfurt. perfect flight to boston... lufthanza... 
so that starts.. 
i do not know... and would love to know... why 3 channels are running that adopt a usa child 4 or 5 times an hour... when it just leads to the quick flash of another ad on screen for 1 second... what is going on?? does that ad empty your head and get it ready to accept the flash.. from timeshare to muscle somethign  it is never on long enough for me to "get it"  i hope someone writes to someone and figures it out...... could be they lack the po;itical ad funds and it is some kind of advertising the cheap way?????

and i hope that kid (with the red nose from crying because she lost her boyfriend) gets a penny for every time it is run... she will be wealthy .
nearly ready for paw print progress with bentley and the ink pads..
now that catheter bit. from yesterday.... i had forgotten the needle in th e leg was also a catheter and i. had the vision of 2 caths to cure a urine back up problem. now that could b e. trouble !