Saturday, April 3, 2021

apr 3 2021

 sold out. chicken bricks. .. best phone call i could get-- and love to have it even if it is 2:00 am.  with a new litter due... ???this week??? we need to get focused again/

we are going great guns... hopefully on track for the next litter.. and one after that.  if there is anything i have learned, it is to count on the unexpected...
so i am still on pins and needles. but i did learn alot more about sound yesterday from the guy you all worried about on donkey hill. very interesting...
the laws of physics still hold.  we also learned an awful lot of other facts. the "report" is due monday. or alot of it. he was into gps guessing.
i am anxious to get back to worrying about puppies and training.  

in addition... that woman in czech who has teh ----CLAUDIA BOHEMICA---- dogs that look like chaos is expecting a litter. verified by ultrasound.. so we will start again with czech and germany and rabies, and size of cargo doors-- or maybe judy's ability to fly to copenhagan and back in 24 hours... we really could use anotehr female or two in our breeding stock.. go google  but please do nto communicate with her... it is tough enough with she and i all tangled in words with very few vowels,
Hello Carlene, 
  thank you for your interest in a puppy from our kennel Claudia Bohemica. Now I inform you that we have a confirmed pregnancy with ultrasound. The puppies will be born on May 15th.  After the birth I will inform you about the details and the father of the puppies. Best Regards Marika
More info ( price , transport etc.): 

Best Regards
Marika Cibulkova
 great danes kennel
FB : Claudia Bohemica

father is a little strange color wise... but depending on his genetic makeup. he could produce 50% merle pups... we like merles. we are pretty tired of black.
that whole problem should entertain you for hours...  and translate some of those breeding ratios...skvmita????? cerna ??? bile znaky???? any help???

then get at the german regs with rabies.. i think the problems is they must be vac for rabies.. which can not happen til 12 weeks...
 but throw in to that, the" unless" clause.. about coming from a rabies free c ountry. which. think czech is ---- lotta reading to do... have at it,
 don't just give me the reference.. boil it down for me.

 we know petair well in frankfurt. perfect flight to boston... lufthanza... 
so that starts.. 
i do not know... and would love to know... why 3 channels are running that adopt a usa child 4 or 5 times an hour... when it just leads to the quick flash of another ad on screen for 1 second... what is going on?? does that ad empty your head and get it ready to accept the flash.. from timeshare to muscle somethign  it is never on long enough for me to "get it"  i hope someone writes to someone and figures it out...... could be they lack the po;itical ad funds and it is some kind of advertising the cheap way?????

and i hope that kid (with the red nose from crying because she lost her boyfriend) gets a penny for every time it is run... she will be wealthy .
nearly ready for paw print progress with bentley and the ink pads..
now that catheter bit. from yesterday.... i had forgotten the needle in th e leg was also a catheter and i. had the vision of 2 caths to cure a urine back up problem. now that could b e. trouble !