Sunday, April 4, 2021

APR 4 2021

 onfusing...... yesterday i looked up the czech pups -- and i noted a strange color merle in her notes-- now today in looking again .. iit must be a different photo of abrus star... who if you go look... i have said how her dogs look like chaos... he is that... even to the one black leg.----- that was not the photo i sqw before ... somewhere. i see where they have frozen sperm from him....... making me think maybe we would be better trying to use frozen semen... even tho i have never had any success with ai

let me tell you..... :)
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From my library of sperm stories I think the oldest one would be from the BMW kennel in Long Island.      after Lynn Cashman had given me a Great Dane or two out of the dog pound I decided to buy a nice female dog and maybe raise a litter or so.    but in looking around all the kennels I looked at in New England always bragged about the amount of BMW bloodlines they had in there puppies so I decided I better go and see what does BMW kenel was all about.... it was owned by laura ... Who in her business life both she and her mother we're architects for building buildings in/ around Manhattan ---- they were impressive as were her dogs .. Laura explained that her dogs had a lot of European bloodlines in them because she had a special deal with the pilot out of Kennedy airport who put a vial of sperm in his shirt pocket in frqankfurt.... and then she would impregnate the dogs in the ladies room of the Kennedy airport -----this apparently is a true story .. and then she would ship sperm back to Europe it his pocket going the other way .

artificial insemination is well established .. then.....
 there was the older woman about a mile from here whose way of keeping her arthritis in her hands under control was to have three milking goats which had to be milked twice a day and she gave us the milk twice a day for our puppies -----she was a quilter also needing agile hands---- in showing me her quilts which were gorgeous I noticed a huge stainless steel tank in her bedroom -----about 3 foot by three foo----  when I asked her and she said that's where she kept the frozen sperm to impregnate her goats .. which were also beautiful nubian goats--- she then donated the kids to the heifer project in Africa .. she was a character and did everything very well including give us or goats milk
 so artificial insemination does work for some 

.and then there's us I decided if Laura did it we ought to be able to and I got ahold of Mr tiefenbach in Germany a guy who'd my I'd met who had some lovely blue Danes somewhere along the line I'd acquired a blue female ..and he was to send me the sperm.
well the way this goes if you draw the sperm on a Tuesday at a university to verify the donor.....and get it frozen and packaged on a Wednesday shipped Thursday overnight by FedEx and I should have had it Friday or Saturday frozen ..well turned out that Thursday night it arrived in Paris airport in time for everybody to take off for the holiday so that the plane it was supposed to get out at midnight didn't go so it' sat there till Saturday and Sunday when they finally got it on the plane and I had it on Monday ...... 

 well I didn't have it on Monday it landed in the FedEx whatever it is in Memphis------
 now getting a puppy from Europe the puppy lands with paperwork attached you pick up the paperwork you run to the nearest customs with a stamp .. you go back and they give you the dog no big deal---------- why I had to have The US Department of Agriculture person sign in this frozen sperm I do not know ----but even though FedEx main hub for international shipments was Memphis ------the nearest FedEx person was somewhere else about two hours away and they don't really seem to be in any hurry in spite of the fact I was beginning to study liquid nitrogen to see how long it lasted ...because this vial of sperm in straw's was packed in a stainless steel container about 3 foot tall and only about 18 inches around for nine straws so by the time the Department of Agriculture signed in this thing and they got it on the next plane for Boston I didn't get it till Tuesday ...and thankfully it was still frozen

however all of this had been planned to inseminate the female the previous Friday .. and regardless of U.S. Department of agriculture rules Mother Nature cycled the female out of heat or at least probably out of heat certainly it wasn't looking hopeful but I went to see George with my 3 foot tall stainless steel container with the straws and he had he done this before and we knew that females are inclined to conceive toward the end of their heat cycle ---- we pulled out a straw---- shut the lid put a drop under the microscope and they were all swimmers in there .so it was looking good George put the pipet at where he thought the pipet aught to go and ( we waited 30 days for ultrasound which didn't show anything).  But that left me In George's office that day with eight other straws of sperm in a 3 foot tall tank which needed to be rejuvenated somehow with liquid nitrogen .....

not having any idea what I was doing I called my old woman probably younger than I now AM and asked her how she gets her tank filled was so big I they must have come there to fill it in her bedroom  she gave me the name in Amesbury so from George's office I went flying up route 95 with my still cold 8 straws in this stainless steel container and they filled it with absolutely no trouble something like $4.18 .. so now I have eight straws all frozen ready for the female and nobody in heat so I found out they have places that store these things besides in this elderly woman's bedroom ..
unfortunately they were in California but that still is ---to me --- only just as far as the nearest FedEx Office so I kiss my container goodbye and life went on for a couple of years ..$43 per year to store one tank.

then Opal came in heat----- and after talking to George we decided I should take my sperm 2 the New England expert vet in putting sperm in dogs .. contacted him and we started taking blood samples or urine samples or something --- I forget---- to track opal's LH surge ---which would indicate when to put the sperm into Opal -------this involved two trips to Rhode Island with Opal in heat and he surgically implanted our 8 straws .. and we waited and at 30 days tried the ultrasound and there were none .so much for my frozen sperm Department...

the the next story is a result of the fact that we became fascinated with having swimmers (all be it one headed swimmers that were very active etc ) and we have a microscope to that effect for that the next time we were breeding a dog I forget her name ----a funny funny person and RN .. she was in the laundry building supervising the action and managed the catch a drop or two in a syringe when the honeymoon was over so she stuck it in her armpit it came running up the driveway screaming "I got some"  
we  stuck it under the microscope they were all one headed swimmers--- a lot of them.  and we had puppies---- the drop that she gotten was just for. seeing what they look lik

Conclusion? at placing sperm.. dogs are better at it than vets.----I've never had a successful AI and I have not had many or any failures of a natural breeding so why try with this Czechoslovakia dog?  We really could use that bloodline just to stay very diverse and it might be an interesting experiment if we can locate a proper female and to hell with germany and their rabies laws.
so much for the lesson of the day
this email is what started me checking.  and... sir richard has not yet achieved "fatherhood"