Wednesday, April 28, 2021

april 28 2021

 i always try and find some new idea to shake up this  crowd--- last night it was cooking an egg in toilet paper???? nat'l geographic has  had an interesting guy  swinging from ropes 300 feet over gorges....with  unexspecting clients in places like norway or iceland... eating  bugs and swimming nude to catch fish... and then the egg...  teh guy plus his one client. are alone on these jaunts except for an occasional  helicopter pilot...

 they found a seagull egg so to cook it  they wrapped it in toilet paper and.. poking a tiny hole so it did not explode... they set fire to it.. and it got cooked !!!
now that is one we will have to try. -  we do have the ocasional egg  of unknown age.  around  here  with all these chickens laying them hither and yon... 
now... i do own.. somewhere a ghillie kettle ??

2021 4 28

 A ghillie kettle --  will bring water to boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occurring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, bark etc. ! it is said---- by the irish -----that it can make a cuppa hot tea  in a minute with 2 sheets of newspaper.

I have tried that .. and it is not far wrong... Somebody stole this chimney concept with a quick fire starter for charcoal briquettes with a couple pieces of newspaper in a short pipe---- stuffed the bottom with a couple pieces of paper and somehow provide good airway and as the flames go up and into the few pieces of charcoal briquettes it does work...  the other place that I've tried this general concept is it is possible to take fire bricks.   I don't know whether regular brick would work but it certainly works with fire bricks  and by putting them in the square and providing the center chimney area open it is possible to get a very small fire going which will cause a pot at of the top of all this to get very hot very quickly. I had one of those going for awhile outside the T tent before somebody stole the firebricks ----   the whole concept of fire having a draft. causes plenty of oxygen to burn. I am shocked to watch people try and build a fire  from the top down.....  And is the reason for the hairdryer inb the bending metal project....... AIR is the key to having fires whether intentional or unintentional.. Houses with a central staircase over 2 floors can burn very quickly with that   central chimney .  Unfortunately I know about that one too.


So back to the man swinging in the trees there is a huge talent to the handling of ropes one year at dogfest we had Zach here. he is our tree trimmer...... staying on the ground   he could swing a rope..  can land it exactly over some tree limb 80 feet in the air.. By carefully packing his supply of ropes all he has to do is pull on that light rope to feed the heavier rope up into the tree limb after which he literally climbs the rope ----sort of walking up it one step at a time---- it was very amazing to watch.. but that's what this guy was doing in Iceland.. they introduced people to absolute terror.. of both Heights and eating scorpions and cooking eggs with toilet paper.. it's kind of an  interesting  show to watch and it is at the moment replacing doctor Pol frequent appearance.  that's that's how I found it.


I thought a rope slinging  set up might be interesting at dog fest.... and now that I have a proper hitch on my golf cart..  maybe a trailer backing up  “booth” might be interesting too.

Sunday being shatting day.. I am in my usual panic about  chicken bricks.    You all do such a fantastic job of donating the $10 for the number on the chicken shatting table--  we seem to manage to sell out most of the time as there are a  lot of you who wait ti l the last minute... I just looked at the board and usually there's 6 to 8 people a day who by a brick..

But yesterday 32 people got their number..  and when I look back over the last  10 years..  most of the buying is done the last three days.  which is always hard. On. my nerves..

But we seem to get there.


I'm always afraid but there are people who read this. dd   religiously..   and don't realize what this  chicken brick thing is all about..  so if it's news to you please ask anyone in the comment column or go to our web and click on the chicken and see if you could make your way through the memsic board.  And donate $10  

there are 2100 numbers every month which will eventually end up on the chicken table where the hens will pick the winners..  that's done the first Sunday of every month----

reese goes for a check up this morning... lynn will do that...