Friday, April 30, 2021

april 30 2021

 we is sold out... praises be !!!! purple board is up... fo r those new commers... the 2100 numbers in the "normal" board... go specifically to the payroll... so i am always relieved to get that number sold out... the purple egg division is for those extras.. and it is a second shatting.. where a purple dyed egg is boiled for a minute, then tossed in the air.. and th closest pruple number to the yolk gets a separate prize.

and sunday i am going to try and email each of you a "surprise"

however it will be no surprise if i screw up this computer and it does not work.. but i will try.
i love my dump trailer--- .
there is no way we can keep grass on teh place where people walk dogs thru the pond gate.
2021 4 30
I used to have those flat stones or rocks there but unfortunately we needed those someplace else and pulled them up so there's a shortage of flat rocks ----- then I remembered Georgetown building supply right up there by where I get a sandwich now and again so I drove in there with that big trailer on behind -----I did have the usual three dogs in the back----- my car is boldly labeled service dog project in the back window so as I was wandering around the stone yard a great big 53 foot dump trailer pulled in behind me.. it was from Bentley Warren which is the place I go to buy sand and stone dust.... I didn't realize they supplied the stone dust to Georgetown never thought about it----

-at any rate I was blocking traffic so I started to move out of the way of this big truck when the guy got out and said.... " I know these dogs" at which point it looked like half the people who work there piled out to make a fuss over the dogs.. result of the whole thing was that instead of buying a whole pallet a very flat organized simple to use rocks----- I ended up asking the owner what he was gonna do with all those partial pallets.. and he said I could have because of the dogs.. I was thrilled because a palette of these rocks is from $400 to $600 so he started putting the partial pallets on my trailer and after he put on two of them he said why don't you come back for the rest because the weight  was getting to be significant----

he thought maybe I had 10,000 pounds on the trailer already.
so the problem of trying to go back for the rest meant that I had to get these off the trailer here and it was pouring out so I just pulled down back in full view of the puppy Hill camera and thought if I could just get people to take out a couple rocks at a time every time they went by maybe in a couple days I'd have it done and could go back and get the rest. I probably don't really need the rest .. but it's against my religion not to take something that's free even if it's rocks.  in new in New England.

Luckily ben  was here overnight-- so I asked if he couldn't stay ----it probably would take him only an hour or not even that to just drop those rocks out of that trailer which means I could go back and get the rest of them today we'll have enough rocks around here to do all sorts of things.. ..
Plus this rock project is a perfect project for COV people I mean people who would prefer not to get a vaccine we're going to have to work outside 10 feet away from everybody else -----
which should work out fine----
while my trailers hooked up I think I will go get another load of the topsoil and dump that and maybe I could go back to Bentley Warren who is the supplier in the area of rock type things and get some of that I think they call it tailings --------pretty much 4 to 6 inch crushed rock and maybe finally getting that wall repaired by the guest house.. I built the original wall very carefully with all the flat pieces of those rocks facing the driveway however......... it has been hit so many times by tractor trailers it has made me realized that it's impossible to build a Stonewall from the top down---- So what should happen is to take that wall down and start again at the bottom and build up. ------ I know from when I did it the first time that I was a little bit short of rocks.. so now if I'm going to redo it and now that I have a lovely dump trailer.. I think I will need another half scoop of those four inch things and maybe we could get that wall fixed before the summer is over..
to further report on my gardening episodes I'm sorry to report that the spreader does not spread the topsoil out of brickends farm.. Ben put about 6 shovelfuls of the stuff in the spreader and that's where it still is ----not totally sure how I'm going to get it out of there about gotta get it out of there not by spreading it..
however it may require sitting on the ground underneath it with a ice teaspoon the flick the stuff that's packed in..
it was a good idea that didn't work. and since it's supposed to rain for the next week it's a good idea that's not gonna work.  so the flat field will just have to go the way it is until we get some other idea.         I do like the green grass because when we first moved in here everything was gravel however years of horse manure
or more probably donkey manure.. and llama... and pig... and chicken... And cow and bull and calf and emus and turkeys and Peacocks and rabbits and pigeons-- 
they have all made their contribution to living green...
which .. as of today.. really needs cutting...

It’s International Dance Day and Eve was invited to perform with her amazing instructor at the Fred Astaire Studio dance party night. Sorry for the not so good videography.... 
Finn is getting so much more comfortable with people dancing all around him while maintaining “boredom” he keeps an eye on all those moving feet though! 🙂
Afterwards we gave him some time out of vest and he sure worked the room for scratches! Everyone is always so impressed by his good behavior and seeing how he’s all business when dressed and how sociable he becomes out of vest. And he LOVES Eve’s instructor! He knows right where to scratch! 

The video is too long to send via email but here is the link on FB if you want to see it. Hope you are all well!