Tuesday, April 6, 2021

april 6 2021

 welllllll......... i must admit i was pleased with 2 of the board.. who seemed open minded and willing to think, 

even if the rest were stuck on bowel movements. and totally missed the part of sdp where the dogs are
given the choice to choose -----"we do not use our muscles to control our dogs".
 totally lost.. grab them and stick them in a crate like all the other kennels in town do.

when someone finally said "do you have any intention of changing what you do?"
  i had to say  "if it benefits our dogs or training , i would love it.... otherwise... no." 

if you move  to ipswich and find out the commuter train runs at 5am,
 do you have the right to ask everyone to walk  to boston so you can sleep late?

thank you all from joining the meeting ... or trying to ..
 don ( our lawyer) thought there was a bigger zoom than 300.
result? i did not hear one member address the problem of sound and distance
and they clearly said at the start no discussion of any good deeds...
they should have said " we will only discuss  sound and distance'.
 because what happened was i had a lecture on how to raise a junk yard dog.

staci.  ( conn... ?vt?) got a word  or two in before they cut her off... 
and i did hear teh words "new jersey" as someone said "oh shlt"

i dunno... i have a couple calls to make today

i have been the "farm not a farm"  road too long...
it has forced me to study a few things....
 namely..... there are days/ nights -- maybe every 6 weeks... where they get barking...
thanks to lynne i was able to match up some  complaint calls to her minute b y minute list of every squeek or bark.. 

2021 4 6


And in everyone the donkeys are involved praying not praying braying doesn't sound like much but donkeys are used in herds of sheep to alert shepherds to Wolves and coyotes light in danger their flock .. in the hundreds of nightly reports that I've had from Lynn that's Lynne the donkeys are quiet except one of these nights when they pray and the dogs have a serious barking episode . it seems to me that the donkeys are the key to why these dogs bark because ordinarily the great Danes are lazy and they just sleep as is listed very carefully in all these reports that Lynn has done everything is quiet most of the time you have a single bark here there but that's it and then a night comes along well the donkeys Bray and the barking starts in and the owl squeaks a lot of other things happen including a plane flying over but I think it's the donkeys braying that needs much more investigation I wish there was somebody here to go through all that and really get the statistic down Pat .. because right at the moment I've had my fill in statistics ..


I've been so busy with this but I haven't had  time for any out of box experiences

stay tuned and thank you for all your kind words and support