Friday, June 4, 2021

june 4 2021

 typically... i recieved an  automatic phone call about something being delivered between 7:45 and 11 today ? would i be there to sign?? 

i thought i clearly said "yes". but the machine assumed i said no and proceeded to complicater things with phone numbers and web pages
and messages left...  whatedver they are delovering.... i don't know what.... could be fencing  or food... the critical is if  they pull in here with a 53 foot trailer they are goin gto have to. back out... which will be very exciting.  our yard  is full of heavy equipment and turcks and piles of stone dust... no way could they turn a truck here today.
i do  not seem to be able to get this estis-delivery company on the phone "due to excessive  blah blah blah"  i sat there for 30 min and quit...
what next? doesn't sound like much-- except.... if i just let it happen ... the poor driver who would then be an hour behind schedule and very frustrated.... othrwise... i need to have someone sit at thee bottom of the driveway until i can gt a sign at the street that says  don't come in here i  with a huge truck.   all caused by a faulty automatic machine that woul dnot let me  jump to a real person....
 we could cure the national  unemployment if we just eliminated the words "your call is important to us." 
 next fiasco...
it was quiet--- so i thought --- i was asleep -- phone rings "will you stop those dogs from barking"  i was polite but asked which dogs because there are  15 other dogs in th e neighborhood.  and i got told how inconsiderate i was to keep her child awake, along with dozens of other children- and why should her child suffer just to keep some other kid out of a wheelchair---i was polite... it was a struggle. she said it was noisy in her bedroom... i bit my tongue.....
  within 5 minutes heather ( overnight ) came in and said she was hearing multiple bangs- i imediatley thought more gunshots-  posibly related to th e phone call....   and  called th  police as i have been instructed to do.  they sent a very nice policeman  to the house-( i  got out of bed to meet with him)  who told us "every dog in town is barking because of the fireworks in the next town. which by then , i could hear the entire neighborhood was alive with dogs barking.  however... i bet a nickle... i was the only one to get the  phone call.-
with the unexpected arrival of excavator, bucket loader,bobcat. and steamrolling device along with 5 bigggggg trufkloads of stone dust.... the configutration of teh donkey cafe we altered greatly yesterday-- with more to come today. a known fact-- theos pointy hooves of the donkeys made an incredible amount of beautiful "top soil". now up on the hill wiht promisies of green groth... as long as we redo the fence configuration of gates 1 thru 8.  with maybe a brand new gate #6.  - a number i forgot in the last configuration.... and we aill need  an additional gate withteh ner fencing - good old goldie provided the unused.... number...6.
 it being 7:31, it is time for me to stop the big truck problem fro starting.