Tuesday, June 8, 2021

june 8 2021

 the speed with which people can be distracted off the main issue is appalling-- the west--- all of you out there- have not had enough rainy days  -- to the point that.  hover dam is ? at 1/3'd it's usual.... and forest fires are already threatening in 7 states and a great deal of the news was exactly who should use which rest room.????-- you want to list the disasters threatening teh nation.???  rest room reports on teh evening news is an indication of one of them. 

i spend alot of time worrying about water.. as you know....  i like water...and thank teh one  who makes sure i can fill my water jug without balancing 5 gallons on my head and walking 3 miles.  i go thru that every time i fill. my carry all---
from my well to the national system of growing lettuce in california. to which cup of water on top of teh rockies goes into which ocean...  to my latest thing to research.... does all that water in the great lakes have only one exit.. niagra falls??? and which has more political clout... teh letuce bunch or the honeymoon traffic at   "the falls" ,

.  i want to know about THE pipeline which could be critical...  not oil... water..  like out of the great lakes into the colorado system..... -- and i wonder if that would be uphill or down-- just because it is down on a piece of paper... and teh mississippi runs down teh paper...

long ago i heard some "fact"  about the nile being the only river on earth that .........xxxxxxx.....  i forget  that detail --- and eventually settled on  "that flows directly north".  but i am not sure that is true eitehr--   is there some sort of equator related fact about rivers???

so all you intellectually curious... is there some fact about the nile making it uniquie?... and don't give me  "it is in egypt". 
i have to go play withthe cute tiny excavator
Thank you to the countless generous volunteers, donors and staff at Crazy Acres and across the world for this bombproof gift of freedom and independence!

Below is a text from one of Josh’s Scout leaders:

Morning! What a great camping trip. It was really cool to see Josh just go off hiking in the woods with the rest of his den!! What an amazing team Josh and Daisy make!!!